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The Choice That Could Shift Your Acting Career


Morning Mindset Meditation

Every day I have a choice…I choose love over fear.

When I’m in the middle of a conversation, a dilemma, an argument, a decision, an audition, a meeting, traffic, waiting in line, or facing the unknown….I choose love over fear.

When I choose love, I am in alignment with my highest self and I always make the best decision for my highest good.

When I choose my reaction based on fear, I am allowing my ego to run the show using worry, doubt, blame, shame or guilt.

I take a deep breath in, and know that all is really well in my world, and that I can make a conscious choice in every moment to choose love.

I choose my reactions with love.

The more I come from a place of love, the more love shows up in my life + my acting career.

I first give what I would like to receive.

I choose love over fear.

What would it take for me to choose love over fear everywhere I go this week?

Want help choosing love over fear at auditions + on the job?

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