5 Perceptions That Sabotage Your Auditions

Ever find yourself in an audition waiting room thinking thoughts that make you feel fearful or nervous?

Then, somehow, you come out of your audition, your experience confirms those perceptions and you are left feeling frustrated or angry about it all.  It can be a vicious cycle.


Here are 5 perceptions that might be sabotaging your auditions, and how to change them.

“In every word you use,
there is a power seed which expands
and projects itself in the direction your word indicates,
and ultimately develops into physical expression.”
– Genevieve Behrend

The only thing that ever limits us is our choice of thoughts + words.

Since every thought we think + word we speak creates our future, we have more power over our destiny that we may realize.

When you waste your time on negative thinking, it only gives you more of what you don’t want.  When you can “flip your script” and choose a point of view and a way of talking to yourself that will empower and uplift you, your experiences will shift for the better.  It’s all about choosing the perception that feels better and putting the focus back on you and your joy of acting.

5 Perceptions That Sabotage Your Auditions

Here are 5 common perceptions actors have at auditions that aren’t serving them, and how to flip the script in your head!

 1) “The Casting Director doesn’t like me.”

Just because the Casting Director is eating lunch or turning over your picture to look at your credits while you’re reading doesn’t mean they dislike you. That is simply ONE perception.  This point of view that will keep you stuck and looking for ways to feel offended every time.  Don’t make it about them.

FLIP YOUR SCRIPT:  I’m here to play no matter what anyone else is doing.

This way of thinking actually allows the casting director to be hungry and interested in your resume. Same actions, different thought. And, they didn’t call you in because they don’t like you. Those people rarely make it into their office.

2) “That actor/actress always gets the job.”

Really? Is that 100% true? Well, I can tell you it’s not true 100% of the time! Even the actors who seemingly work all the time, often audition for jobs that they don’t book. Babe Ruth was known as the homerun king.  What most people don’t know is that the season he broke the record for the most home runs, he also broke the record for most strikeouts!  So, just know that all successful actors strike out from time to time. When our perception that makes us feel bad it is usually OFF the mark!

FLIP YOUR SCRIPT:  There is no competition, since there is only one me.

Why give away your power to someone who might not even get a callback or the job.  Since no one shares your fingerprint, just focus on what only you can bring to the audition and leave the rest behind.

3) “I never get a callback.”

While it may be true you haven’t been called-back in awhile, I doubt “never” is really accurate.  Besides, it just creates more of the same outcome. Okay, so even if it is your truth–is there an area of your career where it isn’t so?

FLIP YOUR SCRIPT:  When I am joyful in my work, the right roles come to me.

If energy is tangible, which thought would you like to accompany you as you enter the room? Which actor would you want to call back and have on the set? Try removing the words “Always and Never” from you conversations in your career and your relationships and you will instantly notice a shift.

4) “They always hire a name.”

Guess what, if you are not a name, why make this your truth?  When the reality is, it’s just not so.   You could gather 100 stories of how they “didn’t” hire a name back since casting the pilot of Friends and focus your attention there.  Yes, pilot season can feel celebrity driven, but once offers are out and roles are cast, there’s a long list of other supporting characters – including other series regular roles, recurring roles, and guest stars that don’t always get cast with a name.  Movie roles can end up this way too.

A friend of mine just booked a huge guest star role on Modern Family, a hit show where they usually “go for a name” in the guest cast, because they can. If he was heading to this audition with “They always hire a name” in his head — he might not have booked it!

FLIP YOUR SCRIPT:  When I do my best work, anything is possible.

When you realize that there are exceptions to every rule in this business, you make more room for your best self to show up, instead of perceiving that you are not enough! There is plenty of room for us all!

5) “This audition is taking so long.”

I have seen actors get annoyed and angry over how long the casting sessions can sometimes take.  Why would they want to walk in the room with that energy?  Since there is always more to discover in the script and with your character, you could choose to be grateful that they are taking their time with each actor and that you have time to relax, focus, and be even more ready.

FLIP THE SCRIPT:   I love having time to focus on my work.

When you really use each moment you are given to go inward and focus on the scene and how you’d like to feel when you leave your audition, instead of jumping into a conversation with negative actors who are complaining, you take your power back.  I guarantee you will have a better experience every time.

When you begin to shift your perceptions, your thinking and your language, you will receive evidence of how powerful you are.

Please leave a comment below and feel free to share what YOU do to focus on the positive at your auditions.

Here’s to your success!

~Wendy Braun

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  1. Thank you so much for this inspiration. I’m going on a shoot to do a commercial tomorrow and I will definitely use these powerful words of encouragement.

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