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Bring A Sense Of Freedom + Play…

When you bring a sense of freedom + play into your work, you appear so engaged + effortless, that you draw people to you.

When you are present in each real moment, the audience can’t wait to see what you will do next.

When you are planning + plotting what you will do, the audience is somehow not feeling authenticity from you, since in life, we cannot know what will happen next, until it actually happens.

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Here are some simple, but effective mantras to remind you to bring a sense of freedom + play to all you do…

Morning Mindset Meditation

I bring a sense of freedom +  play into all of my auditions.

 I think of everyone in the audition room as my playmates. I am here to play,

 I relax + let go of any negative thoughts or any need to be perfect.

I do not seek perfection.  I seek to bring my humanity + all of its imperfections to the role.

I take a deep breath in + see myself bringing my joy of acting into each audition.

I exhale + release the need to control the outcome in any audition.

 The more I let go and free fall in my work, the more fun I have.

 Acting is play + I now let go of anything in my mind that has made it a challenge for me.

 I embrace each audition + focus on having fun each step of the way.

 What would it take for me to bring a sense of freedom + play into all of my auditions this week? 

Are nerves or negative thoughts sabotaging your auditions?

Guided Meditations/Visualizations that you may enjoy are:
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