How To Overcome Audition Anxiety (My Personal Story)

    I’m recurring on my 2nd season of Netflix’s Atypical (which you can start binge-watching now).

    I remember auditioning for this role in Season 1, and even though the waiting room was filled with all different types, I didn’t let it effect my audition.

    I felt grounded, connected, ready to play + that confidence definitely helped me to book the job.

    But this wasn’t always the case.

    I remember so many times when I used to sabotage myself in the waiting room or let my audition nerves get the best of me.
    I remember walking into a callback filled with 18 executives, (when I thought there would only be 3 people in the room),  and I completely froze.

    All those relaxation exercises they taught me in acting class didn’t help.
    Sitting in the lotus pose meditating that morning didn’t help.
    Trying to shake off my nerves didn’t help.

    Feeling disappointed in myself and completely frustrated, I almost quit the business after that one.

    How was I able to turn it all around?

    I learned how to remove the mental blocks that were holding me back.
    I learned how to conquer the fears that were sabotaging my auditions.
    I learned how to turn audition anxiety into confidence + ease in under 5 minutes.

    And, I eventually cultivated and created a new method that actually works in high-stakes situations.

    (It’s an audition practice that has now helped me to book over 75 TV + Film credits + over 100 commercials.)

    First, I began asking myself a completely different set of questions.

    Here are just a few you can use….

    1) What if instead of trying to hide my nerves, I brought them with me into the audition room?

    2) What if I visualized how I want to feel at the end of my audition, before I ever signed in?

    3) What if I not only allowed my fear to join me, but actually used it in my work?

    Then, I recorded a guided meditation to walk myself through these practices before every audition.

    What resulted were much more authentic performances and much more frequent bookings.

    I started sharing it with other actors and they said:

    “I have never been so relaxed at an audition.”
    “My auditions now rock because of you.”
    “This has changed the audition game for me.”

    Now thousands of actors are using this simple tool, delivering awesome auditions and building great resumes.

    Want free access to my “Success In The Audition Room” guided meditation so you can rock every audition? Download it here for free.

    Then, let me know how your next audition goes by using #ActorInspiration and tagging me @actorinspirit here on Instagram. 

    But before you go, leave a comment below + let me know what you do to overcome audition anxiety?

    Here’s to being prepared for the opportunities that are on their way to you!

    Love + Gratitude,


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