How You Can Start Loving It All (Even If You Have The Post-Oscar Blues)

    Did you watch the Oscars last night? No matter how it left you feeling, I’m hoping today’s post will uplift you.

    Last night, my husband + I were invited to a black tie Oscar viewing party at The Hollywood Museum + I had the dream of wearing a gown from an amazing designer who creates handmade works of art.

    Follow me here on instagram to see the pics.

    And this morning, I’m back on the set, shooting another episode of a wonderful TV show I worked on last week + am feeling so grateful to do what I love, while also inspiring other actors along the way.

    I want you to know that just 4 weeks ago, after having some great auditions and not really booking anything, I was feeling pretty down about how 2018 was going.

    I wanted to feel better, but there were days, where I just couldn’t get out of my own funk + lift myself up. Can you relate?
    Well, it got me thinking….

    It seems we search for ways to feel good, and often run in fear of feeling anything less than what we deem as “positive emotions.”

    But what if feeling all emotions were positive?unnamed
    What if every emotion you feel throughout your day was here to awaken you?

    And what if you could start loving it all?

    We often spend our time judging, criticizing + labeling ourselves + our emotions + then adding to the story of what it all means.
    What if, throughout your day, whatever thought or emotion was getting your attention, you could simply send love to it?

    This might feel unfamiliar or even difficult at first.

    You might even wonder, how can I love myself all the time? But you can.

    So, today, post-Oscars, whether you feel inspired + ready to take on the day or you feel a bit hopeless + so far away from living your acting dreams,
    make the choice to start loving it all.

    Remind yourself this:
    “When I sit in judgment or criticize myself for any reason, I am blocking my own love.”

    When I began loving myself even more, especially when I was feeling sad, amazing things started showing up out of the blue.

    So if you need a little help jumpstarting your week, and embracing ALL of your emotions, grab a free download of my newest guided meditation for March, “Loving It All.”

    Yep, it’s totally free, with your free trial to my Spotlight Club, where I provide monthly mindset tools designed specifically for actors (to help you stay inspired + elevate your #actorlife).

    Join us here. The next 30 days are on me. And see if Loving It All is exactly what you needed to start doing this month.

    Here’s to a week loving whatever arises + allowing it to awaken you.

    In fact, leave a comment below, let me know how you’re feeling today + declare that you will start “loving it all.”

    Love + Gratitude,
    – Wendy

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