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11 Reasons You Feel Stuck (And How To Set Yourself Free)

When you are feeling down, stuck or frustrated, usually one (or more) of the following is going on within you…

  1. You’re apologizing for yourself + where you are in your career.
  2. You’re in need of some external condition to make you happy.
  3. You’re forgetting that saying thank you in advance is a powerful choice.
  4. You’re in your head, allowing worry + doubt to rule your day.
  5. You’re waiting for the fear to subside before you take action.
  6. You’re trying to do everything perfectly, which keeps you procrastinating.
  7. You’re beaten down by rejection + letting it define you.
  8. You’re unaware of your true self + your inner greatness.
  9. You’re focusing on why it might not be possible for you.
  10. You’re in need of things to change to feel good.
  11. You’re allowing your current reality to dictate your mood.

Do you notice a trend here?

You’re apologizing, needing, forgetting, waiting, trying, beaten down and unaware.

The good news is that by simply becoming aware of what you’re doing + how it’s making you feel, you can reclaim your power + start feeling unstoppable.

I know that some days are harder than others to get unstuck, so I here are 11 declarations to help you.

This is my “Credo For Feeling Unstoppable.”

Print it out.  Make it your screensaver.  Recite it every morning.

Do whatever you have to do to remind yourself that YOU are in charge of your day, your life and your career.

And by focusing on “I Am” declarations that empower you, instead of defeat you, you’ll start remembering you’re greatness and begin to feel a renewed sense of strength, no matter what your current reality looks like.

When you begin to take action from a place of feeling good, believing in yourself and expecting miracles along the way, well, that’s exactly when more miracles start showing up. But it all begins within.

Here’s to an amazing week of getting unstuck + feeling unstoppable.

Which declaration in the graphic above spoke to you the most?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Love + Gratitude,

FeelingUnstoppableP.S. Want a surefire way to start feeling unstoppable every day?

Grab my latest guided meditation/visualization, Feeling Unstoppable.

This powerful audio will empower + uplift you in under 15 minutes, ever time you listen.


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