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How To Start Feeling Unstoppable

We all know the feeling of being unstoppable? Those days when you get out of bed before your alarm rings, finish an intense workout, have some stranger smile at you in the grocery store and get a call saying you booked the job. Yeah, those are really good kinds of days, right?

But how do you feel unstoppable when you don’t book the job, no one looks your way + you want to pull the covers over and sleep in?

Well, some days, sleeping in might be just the thing you need.

But if, on most days, you’re waiting to book a job to start feeling unstoppable, you’re going to have a lot of not-so-great days.

Here’s my advice:

Here are 3 ways to start feeling unstoppable…

1) Get out of your head + into your body.

On those days when we are not feeling unstoppable, what are we doing? We are in our head, allowing our negative thoughts to run the show, convincing ourselves that it’s too late, why bother and it’ll never happen.

When you “get into your body,” you are forced to become present in this very moment which automatically turns down the volume of your critical mind.

When you start doing something active, you release endorphins that will improve your mood and lower your stress. As you make this a daily practice, you’ll gain momentum and confidence which will lead to feeling unstoppable.

Whether you getaway and go snowboarding down a mountain (like I’ve been doing with my family in Mammoth this weekend), find a great yoga class or simply go hiking with your dog, the more active you can be in your body, the less you’ll find yourself stuck in your head where worry, doubt and fear will always be hiding.

2) Drop the shame.

No matter what you have or haven’t done, what if you could be here, in this very moment right now, without any shame? What if you didn’t judge that where you are (or who you are) somehow isn’t enough? Doesn’t that feel lighter and freer?

When you let go of shame, you gain clarity + the energy to move you forward.

Shame erodes our courage and fuels disengagement. ~ Brené Brown

So when you drop the shame, you’ll find your courage. And the more courage you find, the more unstoppable you’ll begin to feel.

3) Do something that scares you.

As you get more into your body + drop the shame, you’re going to start feeling more courageous. So then, why not do something that scares you?

Whether it’s signing up for a workout class that intimidates you, making a request in your career or asking out the pretty girl, it doesn’t matter.

When you engage yourself in something outside the thoughts ruminating in your mind, you will start feeling more + more unstoppable.

When you face a challenge, you will learn what you are really made of and you will come alive in ways, that sitting around your home wondering why you didn’t do more 5 years ago when you had the chance, won’t do.

Putting these steps into action:

After a devastating breakup, many years ago, I used these exact three steps to start feeling unstoppable again, without waiting for a booking to give me that fleeting feeling.

Instead, I decided to train for the Malibu Triathlon, even though I was extremely afraid of swimming in the ocean. When I got out of my head by running and biking, let go of the shame of the failed relationship, and did the thing that scared me the most – swimming in the ocean, not only did I start feeling unstoppable, but new bookings came in and while I was shooting a pilot, the hairdresser ended up reconnecting me with an old friend, who turned out to be the guy I would eventually marry.

So don’t get too caught up in what’s missing, just keep going + do things to get you out of your head and out of your comfort zone. Who you are meant to become will be waiting on the other side.

Here’s to a week of feeling unstoppable.

Let me know what you’re gonna do this week to start feeling unstoppable in the comments below.

Love + Gratitude,

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  • Beth #1

    I read through this all today. This is the first time in 5 months I’ve felt free enough time wise to digest this in the morning and not feel like I have to run for the next something or can’t cram one more mental process in. Your tapes and blogs have become a marker for me to help me take stock of my mental space. Glad to be getting back to the pace of life where I am able to float and not paddle madly through the day. Better things happen to me when I’m taking the time to set my mind. Thanks for this resource! Glad to be here again.


  • Mara #2

    I read this right before going into an audition, and decided to leave fear at the door. I had a blast. Thanks Wendy. Xo


  • Tony Rossi #3

    Great post, as always :) This gave me clarity as to why I can’t stand being home all day – even when I’m sitting down and being productive with acting and other career goals! When I’m home all day, I’m stuck in my head. And while I love and appreciate my thoughts….I am so much more productive and happy when I get out of my head!


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