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How To Get To Where You Want To Go

Have you spent most of the first part of this year wondering…

Why is what I want not showing up yet?
What do I need to do to get to where I want to go?

Here’s what I know to be true about getting on the right track that leads to where you want to go:

Action conquers fear
So, here are two new questions you can ask yourself today to start feeling unstoppable…

1) What bold actions can I take today (even if they scare me)?

This means not waiting to get in some perfect mental state to take action.  If you want to do anything creative, fear is always going to be there, and the only way to conquer fear is to get in action.  So instead of just thinking about what you’re gonna do or waiting for your fear to subside, why not invite it along for the ride?

2) How can I enjoy the ride today?

When you start enjoying the scenery and appreciating where you are right now, you’ll find that need for the “thing or experience or job” you want to bring you the happiness you’re seeking will actually lose it’s grip.  You’ll begin to find happiness along the way.  And when you’re in a place of feeling good now, not needing anything to change to bring you joy, that’s usually when it does.

So it really is a fine balance of taking inspired action while also enjoying the ride. Mastering both will not only bring you to your destination (or someplace even better), but you’ll have a much happier + more joyful time getting there.

Leave a comment below + let me know what you are going to do to take bold action + enjoy the ride this week?

Here’s to feeling unstoppable!

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy


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  • Frankie Dietz #1

    Kind of interesting that I read your Monday message today – Sunday. I’m very belated. Still getting over illness; it’s interesting because my fear has been exactly the opposite – the momentarily INABILITY to take ANY action. However, this period of time has been a big teacher too, and thanks for the reminder to “enjoy the ride”.


    • Wendy #2

      Isn’t it funny how the body will demand that we slow down and sometimes just stop and rest? Hope you are feeling better. Know that the “void” of inactivity can often provide the exact space you need to reset your mind in order to move forward in a more powerful way. Hope that was the case for you.
      Best, – Wendy


  • Mara #3

    Oops, what I write was to meet a couple of casting directors.


  • Mara #4

    Dear Wendy, today I decided to meet a couple, despite cancelling then re-enrolling in the workshop. Also, I’ll be taping the scene we spoke about a few weeks back. To heck with fear, I’m going to stare it down and do these auditions anyway. Thank you so much!


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