Behind-The-Scenes: From Booking The Job To Attending The Film Premiere

Want to come with me to my film premiere? Let’s walk the red carpet, do press interviews, speak on the Q+A panel and attend the after party!

Yep, I’m sharing it all right here.  Come take a sneak peek inside the amazing premiere of the film, BREAK.

The film is in theaters now and just got a shoutout on Access Hollywood as one of their #HotPicks.

Plus, I’m sharing exactly what I did to book this job (and my best film premiere tips + takeaways) so you can get inspired and prepare like a pro!  Click the video for an 11 second sneak peek…


This entire experience began as a self-tape, where instead of “wondering what casting is looking for,” I chose to dive deep into my own intuition, creativity and craft and bring this role to life in my own unique way. (Hint: This is ultimately what they’re looking for).

This doesn’t mean your work will be “right for the role” every time, but you’ll have A LOT more fun in your auditions, and start seeing them as creative opportunities to “play and give” instead of “try and please.”

Side note: The writer/director, Will Wernick, was actually familiar with my work on Atypical, and shared that when he saw my name on a list of contenders for the role, he initially thought I might be too “wacky” to play the part of a “down-on-her-luck alcoholic single mother” in a gritty drama. 

He told me, “I loved your work in Atypical, but that show had me seeing you in such a specific way, that I didn’t know if you were right for this role.  Then, I saw your audition, and we just knew that, hands down, you were the perfect choice.”

Takeaway:  No matter when your next audition comes in, really go for it (even when the role is outside of how you might usually get cast), trust your instincts, leave your vanity at the door and let the rest go. 


When I arrived at the premiere at Harmony Gold Theater, the film’s publicist made sure the entire cast walked the red carpet.  Each photographer is usually from a different publication, and they all want you to look directly at their lens, so it is wise to take your time and acknowledge them as you go. 

Since my appearance in the film is so gritty, raw and real, I wanted to make sure my look on the red carpet was the complete opposite of the character I play in the movie.  We went for a glam rocker vibe.











Confidence is key on the red carpet, so do what you need to do to be able to own this moment.  

Takeaway: The pictures on the red carpet are everlasting. So, take your time, own your awesomeness and bring your personality to it all. This is your time to unapologetically, authentically and wholeheartedly shine your light brightly.

Click the video below for some red-carpet fun in action…


It’s always fun to do quick interviews in the press line, but it’s also wise to come prepared with “sound-bites.”  This means, when they ask you, “So tell us about your role in the film?”  You have a few ideas prepared so you’re not rambling on and on.

In this case, I was also asked if I have any advice for those following a creative dream.

How perfect of a question for me is that?  It’s one of my favorite things to talk about!  In fact, I could go on and on with inspiring advice, but again, it’s smart to keep it short and sweet.

Takeaway: When doing press interviews, prepare your thoughts in advance.  Know how to talk about your character, the film, and what you’re most excited about at the premiere.  The more concise you keep your answers, the more likely the media outlet is to use your “sound-bite.


After the screening, we had a beautiful Q+A panel with the director/writer, producers, and many of the actors.  This is another great moment where you can share your thoughts, sentiments or a quick anecdote about working on the film.

Takeaway: During a Q+A, it’s important to be aware of just how many people you’re sharing the stage with, and as questions get asked, be mindful of the time you take to respond, and that you’re sharing the mic.

Here is a quick snippet of what it felt like to work on this film.  I chose to make it less about me, and more about acknowledging our amazing producers, director and star.  Click the video below to watch.


The after party was at Warwick LA in Hollywood, and in the midst of connecting with the cast and the crew, I also made sure to grab some fun videos and pics to share too. 

Such a smart marketing move to have these “BREAK” signs at the bar, with Instagram handles for the venue (@warwick_la), the PR company (@theinfluence), and the lead actor and exec producer, (darrenweiss8) and #BREAKmovie.

Takeaway: When you attend events or premieres of any kind, keep an eye out for fun moments to capture on video or in photos, and if you choose to share them – be sure to tag those involved.  A little appreciation goes a long way.

Click the video below for a quick peek…

I hope these tips and takeaways help you to make the most of every audition and when it’s your turn on the red carpet or the Q+A panel, I hope you shine your light brightly and share your truth.

Let me know in the comments below, what tip, takeaway or insight spoke to you the most.

Love + Gratitude,


P.S.  Want to be ready to rock your next audition?  Grab my self-tape success checklist here.

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8 thoughts on “Behind-The-Scenes: From Booking The Job To Attending The Film Premiere”

  1. First of all, CONGRATS!!! How fun to get to celebrate in this way!! I just really appreciate the sneak peek, so I know what I have to look forward to! (And now I’m also more prepared!) Thanks, Wendy!!

    1. Thanks so much. And you are so welcome. Glad my tips + takeaways were helpful so you know what to expect and how to prepare! #RedCarpetReady

  2. Oh geez, Wendy,
    Your tips came one day too late; I had a red carpet screening at Harmony Gold yesterday, and I felt a little like an outsider. Confidence, confidence, confidence, anf get some cool outfits. Take videos and take photos of the signs.
    Thanks, Sally

    1. Aw, Sally, I totally get it. And now you know what to do next time and how to show up for YOURSELF. Don’t beat yourself up – it’s all a learning process. So glad these tips helped you!

  3. As I like to say, I’m a recovering people pleaser, and so I am always guilty of trying to give casting “what they’re looking for” instead of doing what you said, trusting and diving into my intuition and creativity to bring my own unique self to the role and bring it to life in a way only I can do. “…start seeing them as creative opportunities to ‘play and give’ instead of ‘try and please’” really hit home for me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. So glad this spoke to you and you see the value in reframing it all. Hope it helps you rock your next audition!

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