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The Real Cause of Your Frustration (And How to Find Relief)

We all do it.

When we are frustrated with our acting careers, we want find someone or something to blame.

So, you tend to blame…

  • Your representation
  • Your lack of auditions
  • Your lack of callbacks
  • Your age
  • Your credits
  • Your ethnicity
  • Your weight/looks
  • Your connections
  • Your mate/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend
  • The casting director who didn’t smile when she/he called your name
  • The execs who didn’t look up when you walked into the room
  • The girl/guy who went in before you that books everything
  • The reader
  • The traffic
  • The weather

But what if whatever you are blaming on this list for your frustration, wasn’t the cause of it at all?

Isn’t that interesting to realize? “While we think that our circumstances are the cause of our frustration, the real source lies in our being unaware of our higher self. ” – Pir Vilayat

So maybe now the question becomes, what exactly is my higher self, and how the heck do I become aware of this…self?

Well, for starters, your higher selfisn’t blaming anything or anyone (including you).

Your higher self is thinking thoughts about you right now, like this…

Your timing is divine.
You are right on track.
You can get to where you want to go from where you are right now.
When you get scared, doubtful or fearful, Breathe Deeply and know that I am right here.
You are doing so well.
You have so many exciting times ahead of you.
You can make less of the things that don’t please you.
You can focus more on what you love.
You can know that I am always here loving + adoring you.
You can know that all of your feelings are okay to feel.
You can know that I hold you in a vision of love.
You can go ahead and make it all a game.
You can use nature as a grand reminder of how to be
You can know that life is unfolding for you in wonderful ways, even when you have a bad day.
You can breathe deeply in any moment of discomfort + listen for my wisdom.
It is within you always. All you need to do is breathe deeply + get quiet enough to hear.

So while your frustrations come from fear + uncertainty, your higher self is always rooted in love + peace.

We have a choice, moment to moment, about what thoughts we decide to plant in our minds, fear-based or love-based.  The key is being aware and knowing that whichever ones we plant + nurture, will grow.

Here’s to a week of becoming aware of your higher self, the part of you that knows all is truly well.

Breathe deeply + you will feel this way too.  Leave a comment below + let me know what your hear your highest self telling you today.

Love + Gratitude,


P.S. Need some help accessing your higher self?

My latest guided meditation Breathe Deeply will help you to relax, let go of stress + tune into your higher self in under 7 minutes.

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