What To Do When You’ve Done All You Can

    For years I tried to figure out what more I could DO to have the success I wanted.

    More marketing,
    more networking,
    another class…
    The list was long and it never seemed to end.

    We are a society of DOers and HAVErs. We are taught that the more we do, the more we can have.

    We are taught to pursue, push + “just do it,” sometimes the point of exhaustion.

    In the acting business, there will always be room for improvement, no matter what level of success you achieve.

    Yet, sometimes taking action, after you’ve been spinning your wheels, can actually be counterproductive.

    But what do you do when you’ve done all you can?

    I read a quote recently in Marianne Williamson’s book, The Law of Divine Compensation that summed up what I had done to create a lot of my current success + happiness.


    After doing all I could do, I finally learned that (more…)

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    How To Get To The Next Level In Your Acting Career

    My wish for you is that you find the success that you are seeking, but here’s one important thing to know.


    In other words, if you’ve been wanting to get to the next level in your career + it is just not happening, there is usually one big reason….you have a limiting belief that is keeping it from showing up.

    I know it would be easier to blame your agent, a casting director, this business, the economy or the traffic for why you are not where you want to be, but, it is, in fact, an inside job.

    That also means, you have the power to change it.

    Here’s how to get to the next level in your acting career: (more…)

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    This Might Be Keeping You From Getting Hired…

    Ever screw up an audition because you were so focused on getting the lines right?  I have.
    Ever get all of the lines right, feel amazing about your performance, and not get hired?  I have.
    Ever screw up some of the lines, feel like you could have done better + book the job?  I have.

    Why?  Because, it’s not about the lines.  It’s not about being perfect.

    And, in those moments, I wish I had today’s mantra right in front of me to remember that:


    You get hired because… (more…)

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    What To Do When You Are Spinning Your Wheels


    Do you ever find yourself running, doing + being so busy that you forget to take care of yourself?

    Before I met my husband or had kids, I must confess, if I had a postcard mailing that needed to be done by a certain day, I would literally eat cookie dough for dinner + get back to work.

    I had so much drive + ambition, that the idea of slowing down to take care of myself seemed counterproductive to whatever task needed to get done.  Ultimately, I was coming from a place of fear.  If I took a break or time for myself, I somehow thought my career wouldn’t thrive.

    Funny enough, the more I started slowing down in my life while dating my husband, and taking better care of myself, the better my career became.  I even started getting straight offers for great roles in great projects.

    So, what did that show me?

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    Fastest Way To Get What You Want…In Your Acting Career + LIfe

    Ever book an acting job + immediately feel like it’s not enough in some way?  Or not get the job + feel hopeless?

    Though the source of your frustration may seem like the job or lack of it, your suffering comes from having thoughts that argue with WHAT IS.

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    No matter how much acting success you obtain, your ego will probably always want a juicier role, a bigger credit, a better agent + more opportunities.  (Even Meryl Streep has complained that there is not enough great writing these days.)

    And although it’s good to have desires, your ultimate happiness lies in how you feel about yourself today, no matter what is happening in your career.  When we rely on the conditions in our acting careers to determine our happiness, we give away all our power.

    The fastest way I have found to instant happiness (and ultimately, more career abundance) (more…)

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    What To Do When You Are Not Booking The Job: 7 Tips To Turn Things Around

    It can happen to any actor—you feel like you are doing everything right, but you are still not booking the job.  It’s easy to over-analyze your actions, your wardrobe, your choices, your hair, your age, or your talent. This kind of thinking can lead you to endless frustration.

    If you feel that you are being a professional, showing up on time, being prepared, doing your best in the audition room, but just not booking, then it might be time to shift things internally. (more…)

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    6 Questions To Ask To Create Success

    Sometimes stepping away from focusing solely on your acting career can actually help you generate more auditions or even book a job.

    This spring, I’ve found the most insightful metaphors to be in my garden. Here’s how to take cues from nature and ask the right questions to guide you towards success.

    Flowers have always been nature’s quiet reminder of how to be: vibrant, unique, surprising, beautiful, filled with wonder and love.  Creating a successful garden requires examination, preparation, decision-making, daily action, patience, and love – as does your career. Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

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    5 Insights To Help Get You In The Flow

    One of the best ways to help yourself  get “unstuck” in your life + your career is to express daily gratitude.

    I know the tendency is to think that when you “book a job, get an agent, book a commercial, film, series etc.,” THEN you will feel grateful, but it doesn’t work that way. You may think that all that “good stuff” will take you to a higher place, but the reality is once you take yourself there daily (and take inspired action), the “good stuff” will come.

    As long as you need any of the aforementioned things to make you feel whole as an actor, you are actually repelling them. (more…)

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