Focusing On Fear Will Do Two Things:

If there’s something you want to do or achieve this summer, but fear is getting in the way, then now is the time to dig deep, reignite your courage + triumph over it.

Focusing on fear will do 2 things:
1) Keep you stuck in the past.
2) Convince you to worry about the future.

Most people would rather avoid the risk of failure than ever face their fears.

But what if by moving beyond your fears, you discovered just how amazing you could become?

What if underneath all your fear, you are really afraid of the enormity of the possible?  The actor you could become, the impact you could make, the stories you could tell?

Can you think of a time when you were afraid to do something, but you did it anyway + surprised yourself?  Remind yourself of those moments just before you are about to take action (or procrastinate) on your next goal + allow it to serve as inspiration to move you forward.

If you still feel stuck, keep this in mind:

“We fear the thing we want the most.”
– Robert Anthony

Don’t allow fear of the unknown, rejection or criticism to stifle the greatness within you.  Find ways to reprogram your thought patterns + take action to conquer what may seem to be a mountain in front of you.   If you keep going, the view from the top will take your breath away.

Make this the summer to move beyond your fear + surprise yourself!

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you do to overcome your fear.

Love + Gratitude,

~ Wendy

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