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5 Keys To Moving Beyond Fear

Ever notice how anytime you decide to take some bold + courageous action, you somehow start to procrastinate, clean the house, check Facebook and do all kinds of things to distract you from from the one thing that is keeping you from living your dream?  What is the one thing?  Fear.

Fear wants you to do anything but face it + tell it, “I am going to triumph over you.”

It wants you to stay safe + not risk rejection or failure.  But keep this in mind….


For a long time, my habitual response to fear was action.  If I just stayed “busy” enough, I would actually distract myself from having to deal with my fear.

As I look back on my life + career, whenever I faced my fears head on + found a way to move beyond them (one bold baby step at a time), they always turned into something more than I ever imagined.   In fact, some of my biggest accomplishments came from facing my biggest fears:

  • Doing stand-up comedy.
    (Turned into sharing stage with great comics from the late Phyllis Diller to Chelsea Handler)
  • Swimming in the ocean in the Malibu Triathlon.
    (Turned into winning medals 2 years in a row)
  • Moving to LA to pursue my dreams.
    (Turned into almost two decades of working as an actress, meeting my soul mate + becoming a mom)

What if I had allowed fear of failure, fear of criticism or fear of rejection to stop me?

Here 5 Keys To Moving Beyond Fear: 

  1. Taking action.
    Allow each small step you take to build your confidence.
  2. Learn as you go.
    Use failure as feedback + readjust your inner or outer game (or both).
  3. See yourself on the other side.
    Visualize the outcome you want + how it will feel to triumph over your fear.
  4. Take nothing personally.
    Don’t internalize the rejection. It’s one moment, not who you are.
  5. Stay inspired.
    Remind yourself of the past fears you’ve overcome + tell yourself to keep going.

“Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”
~Napoleon Hill

My wish for you is that you find every way can to practice moving beyond fear.  Life is really good on the other side.  #KeepGoing.

Here’s to moving beyond your fear + amazing yourself with who you become.

Love + Gratitude,

~ Wendy Braun

P.S. My latest guided meditation + visualization audio, Moving Beyond Fear, will leave you feeling empowered + ready to take bold action in less than 7 minutes. You can download it for free in June only.  Details here. 


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