How To Get To The Next Level In Your Acting Career

My wish for you is that you find the success that you are seeking, but here’s one important thing to know.


In other words, if you’ve been wanting to get to the next level in your career + it is just not happening, there is usually one big reason….you have a limiting belief that is keeping it from showing up.

I know it would be easier to blame your agent, a casting director, this business, the economy or the traffic for why you are not where you want to be, but, it is, in fact, an inside job.

That also means, you have the power to change it.

Here’s how to get to the next level in your acting career:

You must know where you are + where you want to be…

Are you auditioning, but want to book more jobs?
Are you going to a day job, but wanting to make your living solely from acting?
Are you doing mainly co-stars, but want to do more guest stars?
Are you doing student films, but want to be in an A-List movie?
Are you doing community theatre, but want to be on Broadway?
Are you booking lots of commercials, but want to work more theatrically?
Are you booking guest star roles, but want to be a series regular?
Are you wanting to get to the next level of success in your career?

We all do.  It’s the natural progression of things, that once you get to a certain level, you are going to want to keep going.

Often we aren’t even aware of what is stopping us, because our limiting beliefs are mostly subconscious + have been engrained within us for years.

We may have a desire for more success, but we also have contradictory beliefs.

You must uncover any dismantling + contradictory beliefs. 
• You may want it, but not believe it can happen for you.
• You may want it, but believe if you get it you will be abandoned or alone.
• You may want it, but believe shining too brightly might hurt your relationships with others.
• You may want it, but believe you do not deserve it or are not worthy of it + on and on and on.

All of these limiting beliefs tend to stall our action, and keep us from stepping outside our comfort zone, where our biggest dreams reside.

Instead, our confidence wanes, our fears expand + our life stays the same.  We play it safe. We stay small.

So. to rise to the next level, you must shed any limiting beliefs that the success you seek can’t happen or that it will somehow effect your life in negative ways.

“Start believing in yourself and the world will start believing in you.”
~Vijay Thadani

Here are 4 steps to shedding limiting beliefs:
1) Uncover each block or unproductive belief you are holding about yourself or the success you seek.
2) Identify where you picked it up or who gave it to you.
3) Decide these beliefs are not who you are + let them go.
4) Affirm your new empowering beliefs + practice this habit of thought.

When you to face your fears in this way, it will be easier to (literally + emotionally) let go of what is stopping you.

When we face what we want to run from, we will grow.

Once we acknowledge that all these beliefs either have been given to us by another or we somehow picked them up along the way (when we decided to give meaning to an experience), we can release their hold on us.

Over time, you will begin to see that fear as an illusion + that your limiting beliefs are simply a fear-based habit of thought.

If you keep practicing these steps, you will not only begin to let go of your need to hang on to beliefs that disempower you, but you will no longer allow them to make up your identity.

When you develop a strong belief in yourself, your actions will come from a more confident place as well.

Action is vital, but alignment is everything.  The way to get there, is to embody being there.

Shedding your limiting beliefs is the first step to breaking through your glass celling.  Once you do this at a subconscious level, new evidence will begin to appear.

Here’s to shedding your deepest limiting beliefs + having a success breakthrough.

Love + Gratitude

~Wendy Braun

P.S. Leave a comment below + let me know what process you use to shed your limiting beliefs

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