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This Might Be Keeping You From Getting Hired…

Ever screw up an audition because you were so focused on getting the lines right?  I have.
Ever get all of the lines right, feel amazing about your performance, and not get hired?  I have.
Ever screw up some of the lines, feel like you could have done better + book the job?  I have.

Why?  Because, it’s not about the lines.  It’s not about being perfect.

And, in those moments, I wish I had today’s mantra right in front of me to remember that:


You get hired because… the vision of what they want, and the essence of what you brought to the role that day are a match.  Period.

The best actor doesn’t always win.  The one who got the lines perfect doesn’t get extra gold stars.

So, bring your imperfect take on the character, have fun performing + let the rest go.

Here’s to bringing more of your creativity into the room, + leaving your perfectionism…
for folding your t-shirts.


~ Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

Perfectionism kills creativity.  No one books the job because they get all the lines right.  Ever.

I bring my essence of the character to the work.  I free fall in the scene. I play, listen + react.  I am present

I understand the meaning behind everything I say + I understand the meaning behind what others are saying as well.

I let go of obsessing about perfect memorization.  It is not about being perfect.  It’s about being present.

I relax, let go + have fun.

I go in with the intention to have fun performing in that moment.  That’s it.

I let go of any need to book the job.  The right roles find me at the right time.

I let go of over-thinking + over-planning.

I remind myself, that humans aren’t perfect + it’s my flaws, quirks, and imperfections that make me interesting.

I no longer try to hide behind being perfect.

I put myself in the given circumstances of the material + whatever flows out organically, IS perfect.

When I bring all of me into the audition room + stay present, I give an organic, powerful performance.

If this resonates with you + you’d like to let go of your any perfectionism that might be keeping you from your best audition:
Guided Meditations/Visualizations that you may enjoy are:
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