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Fastest Way To Get What You Want…In Your Acting Career + LIfe

Ever book an acting job + immediately feel like it’s not enough in some way?  Or not get the job + feel hopeless?

Though the source of your frustration may seem like the job or lack of it, your suffering comes from having thoughts that argue with WHAT IS.

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No matter how much acting success you obtain, your ego will probably always want a juicier role, a bigger credit, a better agent + more opportunities.  (Even Meryl Streep has complained that there is not enough great writing these days.)

And although it’s good to have desires, your ultimate happiness lies in how you feel about yourself today, no matter what is happening in your career.  When we rely on the conditions in our acting careers to determine our happiness, we give away all our power.

The fastest way I have found to instant happiness (and ultimately, more career abundance)

is by appreciating + making peace with WHAT IS.  And also knowing that WHAT IS is so temporary!

It’s not about becoming passive, but about not resisting what is going on in this moment.   When you stop opposing your current reality, that is when things begin to shift.

What are YOU loving about WHAT IS right now?  Leave a comment below.

~Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation 

When I appreciate WHAT IS, what I want shows up even faster.

When I make peace with what Is going on in my life, I create a vibrational energy of appreciation, gratitude + joy.   The Universe always responds with more of the same.

Since I get what I think about,  I find ways each day to appreciate WHAT IS showing up in my life + my acting career.

When I use my acting career to blame or shame myself or another, I continue to attract circumstances, people + events that match the energy I am offering.

Today, I tell a new story of loving what is, for all the gifts + lessons it is providing me.

What is….is so temporary. I align with the feeling of what I want + then I begin to notice all the evidence that shows up in my acting career + my life.

My eyes are open to new opportunities.  I see with the eyes of one who appreciates what is.

When I offer no resistance to the present moment, I invite in unlimited possibilities.

What would it take for me to appreciate WHAT IS this week more than ever before, and also know that it can change so fast.

If you want to feel gratitude, appreciation + joy on the way into your
next audition or job + on the way out…
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