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How To Find The Solutions To Your Problems

Whenever I have felt really stuck with a problem in my life, it has usually been for one reason.  I’m focusing more energy on how the problem is delaying me, annoying me or frustrating me in some way vs. shifting my mind to finding a solution.

When you are busy talking about, ranting about, texting about, facebooking/tweeting about the problem, you are literally cutting yourself off from finding the solution.


Telling the story over and over again about the problem (no matter how “right” you may be) is a completely different energy frequency than accessing the solution.

It’s like having your radio dial tuned to 96.7 FM but wanting to hear 106 AM.  The frequencies are not a match.


When we carry with us anger, regret or frustration day after day, it takes it’s toll on our health + our stress level.  It also keeps us living in the past.

When you sleep, all thought (and resistance) ceases.  If you wake up each morning and focus upon who you are still mad at, or what isn’t working + how you’ll find fault throughout the day, you are perpetuating your problems, often unconsciously.

Use the evening time as an opportunity to let go of the day’s problems, of any regrets + anger.  Don’t take them to bed with you + you’ll have a better chance of waking up tuned into the frequency of the solution.

How To Find The Solutions To Your Problems?  Ask These 3 Questions

  1. How can I see everything that happens in my life as a gift or perfect teacher?
  2. How can I tune into the feelings the solution will bring me instead of focusing on the problem?
  3. How can I begin to let go of my anger and relax about it all?

The more you can relax with what is without dwelling on the past or things (or people) you cannot control, the happier you will feel.

“Dissatisfaction in life comes from the inability to live in the present moment.”
– Marshall Goldsmith

I get it. Ultimately, we all want to be heard. So, go ahead and rant + rave all you want about what isn’t working, but instead of staying up late at night facebooking about it, eventually the best way to find your solution is to relax about the problem.

Because guess what?  Problems come and go.  In fact, 5 years from now (even 1 year from now – or 1 day from now) this problem will most likely be resolved,.  So you get to decide how much air time do you want to give to it?

Once you relax about it all + let go of the anger, frustration, blame or fear you have around who did what to whom and why or when, the solution will have a chance to emerge

Maybe the problem sounds like heavy metal music + the solution is on a classical music station.

Shifting your state of being (by shifting your focus) is the one and only thing you have control over.  The good news is once you calm down, let go of your ego, and literally “change the station” from your critical mind to your loving heart, the solution will easily appear.

When you’re the one who tunes into a different approach, a more compassionate way of thinking, and just relaxes about it all, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll discover a solution.

Ultimately, you get to choose your focus.

Here’s to knowing the power to make peace is always within you.

Love + Gratitude,

~ Wendy

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How do you find the solution when you have a problem? Leave a comment below + share your thoughts…


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