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A Quick Fix When Nothing Is Going As You Planned

Seems everyone is looking for a quick fix.  We all want to feel better, do better + be better.  Right. Effing.  Now.  (I’m an Aries, so it’s more like Right.  Effing. Yesterday!)

I’ve looked high and low to figure out how to turn things around when nothing was going as I planned, and ultimately, it always came back to the same theme over and over again.

So ask yourself this today….


Like most things, it’s easy to do.  Easy not to do.  Your call.

I hope that if you choose to do one thing this week for your career (and your life) it is simply to answer this call.

You don’t need to read a whole book about self-love to know how to do it.  Just start by being nicer to yourself.  Nicer thoughts, nicer words, nicer deeds.

At the end of the week, you will definitely feel a whole lot better (no matter what is going on in your life) and, you might even get another call saying…

“You have an audition.”
“You have a callback.”
“You booked the job.”

I got all of those calls last week by following this simple recipe when it seemed like “nothing was going as I planned.”

So, answer the first call + all those other calls will fall into place exactly when you least expect it.

Leave a comment below + tell me what YOU do when things aren’t going as you planned.  Do you have a quick fix to turn it all around?  I’d love to hear your thoughts + comments below.

Here’s to a week of being way, way nicer to yourself.

Love + Gratitude,


P.S. Have you been defining your value through your career accomplishments – so when things are slow you feel horrible + only when they’re good do you feel better?
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  • Mara #2

    How timely was your newsletter? Extremely! I was just thinking about how one of my major projects is lagging and then I read, “Express More.” Yes! If we don’t communicate to our team how we need more support then things start to fall apart. My lesson now is, that if I don’t get the support from my team, the team members must be changed.
    Thank you.
    Happy Monday!


    • Wendy #3

      Yes, communication is key! As is positive expectation + connecting to our big vision. When we come from a place of clarity + appreciation, the right people seem to align themselves around us. Here’s to appreciating your team + communicating with them often!



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