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3 Tips When You Feel Lost + Overwhelmed

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately among several actor communities that have a similar theme of feeling lost and overwhelmed, and even thoughts like “Maybe it’s time to quit?”  Can you relate?

What sparks this type of thinking?  Usually it’s…

Watching award shows.
Noticing other actor’s “booked it” posts.
Seeing someone’s social media perfection.
Delivering great self-tapes + hearing nothing.

What’s at the root of it all, when it makes you feel bad?
Judgement, comparison…and more judgment.

Look, the logical ego-mind is always going to find reasons you are somehow “not enough.”

And unless you cultivate a daily practice that helps you refocus your energy and quiet the inner critic, this kind of thinking will take you down a dark rabbit hole…every single time. 

Let me remind you that no actor is always pleased, always thriving or always feeling good (no matter what their Instagram reels look like).

So next time you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed, see if you do these 3 things.

1) Cultivate conscious awareness.  Notice your habit of thought, and the ultimatums and judgments you whip up about yourself.  Become aware of the meaning you are adding to an event.  (Without the meaning you add, it’s simply an awards show, a post, a self-tape).

2) Recognize your default state. Notice your specific default mental pattern, and your go-to thoughts, that you often repeat on a weekly (or daily or hourly) basis like…

I should be further along by now.
If I was going to make it, it should have already happened.
That person is doing great, which means I’m clearly not enough.
Everyone’s booking off their self-tapes except me.

3) Shift your perspective. Change your definition of the challenging moments + you will experience them in a whole new way. 

(Dig this quote? Screenshot the above graphic, share it on social + tag me on Instagram


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Helping Thousands Of Creatives: Wendy Braun Is Featured In Forbes

So beyond grateful to be featured in FORBES this past week (and that Season 4 of Atypical drops on July 9th!). To live my dreams while helping to empower you to do the same, has been my life’s mission.

Read the full Forbes interview here.  

The last 3 words my late father left on my answering machine back in 1997 were “Keep Going, Sunshine.”

To sit down with Forbes and share how I’ve been doing just that for decades amidst rejection, setbacks and obstacles (while helping so many others like you along the way) was a dream come true. 

An excerpt from Forbes:

“Those three little words helped me navigate so many roadblocks, rejections, failures and heartbreaks on my journey without letting them define or defeat me,” she shares. “It ultimately means that when you come to what seems like a dead end, trust that it’s actually a divine detour. Pick yourself off, dust yourself off and get back in the game.”


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Gratitude For Our Freedom

Happy Memorial Day!  In the United States, we celebrate this holiday to remember the sacrifices that brave men + woman made to bring freedom to this country.

Growing up as the daughter of a Navy veteran, I was taught to have immense gratitude for the freedoms that we so easily take for granted.

My late father was a World War II Air-Sea Rescue pilot who helped to save those who were shot down in the Pacific Ocean. He was a hero to many, and especially to me. I lost him when I was 27.

When I used to volunteer in my son’s kindergarten class, I could barely get through The Pledge Of Allegiance without tearing up.

Seeing a group of 6-year-olds embody joy, love and freedom, so purely, gave me hope for our future.

And my hope always seems to come back to (more…)

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#1 Thing To Stop Saying Before You Self-Tape

Are you starting the week feeling empowered, uplifted, inspired, informed and ready to rock your self-tapes and auditions?

Everyone who attended my free Live masterclasses this weekend is starting this Monday ready to rock (and I want you to feel the same).

Did you miss me LIVE?  No worries, the replay is ready!
5 Core Secrets To Becoming A Successful Working Actor Click here to watch the replay.

Here’s what some actors were saying in the chat:

I know you’ll feel the same (in less time it takes to watch a movie). Click here to watch the replay.


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Learn From A Working Pro

Have you been feeling off your audition game lately?

Been questioning your self-tape submissions when you don’t hear anything?

Wondering how you’ll deliver in high stakes while on the job (with the new added stress of masks, shields, social distancing and self-isolation)?

I’ve been there too.  Now that I’m back shooting my 4th season of Atypical, I know first-hand that returning to work in this climate looks + feels VERY different, and I want to share my insights with you (to help you skip the struggle + frustration) so you can thrive.

Imagine having a simple and empowering process to rock your self-tapes, book more jobs + shine under pressure…every single time.

5 Core Secrets To Becoming A Successful Working Actor 
Click here to register for free (seating is limited)

Here’s a special message I recorded for you from the set…


I can’t wait to teach you an easy-to-implement process that has helped hundreds of actors (at every level + in every market) book more work in TV, Film, VO, Commercials + Theater. (yes, even amidst a global pandemic!).  


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What Self-Taping Really Looks Like

Been nailing your self-tapes lately?  Or are you having moments where you scream, swear, laugh and cry – all inside of a minute?  I sure have.

I’m keeping it real today, and sharing this with you, so you know we ALL have days where we just want to scream and cry, no matter how long we’ve been doing this! Myself included!

Yep, this was me recently while attempting to self-tape a comedy audition as a “flirty cougar.”

(And this was smack in the middle of me shooting my 4th season of Atypical).

So, I hope this helps you know, it’s okay to have your moments and I encourage you to get it out. ???

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes reveal of what self-taping really looks like…
(the moments most working pros won’t ever show you). 

The good news here is that my exceedingly patient husband always makes me laugh and knows when + how to reign in a former dancer by just shouting out “Fosse, Fosse, Go.”  (That came out of nowhere, but every performer knows her cues!)


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How To Eliminate Self-Tape Overwhelm…

Do you get that feeling of pure joy and simultaneous panic when you see an email from your reps that says “SELF TAPE REQUEST?”

Do you check the due date immediately + start rescheduling your day to make your audition the new priority?

I hope so.  That’s what working pros are doing right now to compete at the highest level.

(That’s also how I booked a top-of-show guest star on Grey’s Anatomy off a self-tape).

Look, we all know self-taping is here to stay.

And of course you want to give your best performance, but now you have to make sure the sound, lighting, framing and other technical aspects are at a top professional level too.

There’s definitely a lot of noise out there right now on what to do and what not to do, and so I  put together one simple checklist to make it easy to deliver self-tape success.

Every. Single. Time.

I created this Self-Tape Success Checklist and I wanted to make sure you, my loyal reader, can access it for free!

You can download your Self Tape Success Checklist here for free

Here’s a sneak peak at all you’ll need to cover to deliver awesome self-tapes (and of course, I made it into an alliteration).


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How To Get Over A Dry Spell In Your Acting Career

I know for some actors, last year provided the “longest dry spell ever” in your acting career, and thoughts of “I’m not enough, I haven’t done enough + I’m not far enough along” have been haunting you lately as you go to self-tape (or maybe even just get out of bed).

Well, then it’s divine timing you are reading this today, because I am here to tell you 3 important things:

  1. You are more than enough (no matter what your resume says right now).
  2. You can get to where you want to go (no matter how long the dry spell has been).
  3. The breakthrough begins within (and you’re worthy of your biggest dreams).

I’ll put it in mantra form so you can say it out loud with me…


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The Abundant Actor’s Mindset

I’m on a getaway with my family, snowboarding + sledding at Mammoth Mountain, and I’m about to head back to shoot another episode of Atypical this week.

Meanwhile, my Success Breakthrough Workshop students are continuing to thrive in their lives and careers, while my Spotlight Club members are loving the latest mindset tools I’ve created this month for elevating their perspective.

And all of it got me thinking about you and the abundant actor’s mindset.  

It would seem like vacations and bookings and breakthroughs happen, and then you feel abundant…right? 

Well, it actually works the other way around.

The mindset work is the behind-the-scenes daily practice I’ve been doing for decades, even when I lived in an apartment right near the freeway and there wasn’t a booking in sight.

It’s woven into everything I teach, because I’ve seen firsthand how it’s affected my own life + acting career, and how it’s benefitted hundreds of actors in my programs.

So, where do you begin?  Well, there are 1440 minutes in every day.  

How are you spending most of them?

Are you looking for what’s missing and commenting what isn’t working?
Are you looking for things to appreciate and talking about what is working?

If your thoughts and conversations all center around lack and scarcity, then you’ll have trouble aligning with prosperity.

So how do you let go of lack + tune into a more prosperous life? 
It all begins with your focus.

As you look for signs of prosperity, you’ll begin to feel the energy of prosperity.

It may seem like “feeling” prosperous doesn’t matter if there’s not a ton of money in your bank account, but this where true prosperity begins.

To live a prosperous life,
you must become one with the energy of prosperity.

Unless you turn this common knowledge into a common daily practice, you won’t see much shift in your abundance.

Here are 25 mindset mantras to help you begin to let go of lack + invite in prosperity.


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Celebrating YOU today…

It’s my birthday today, and I want to thank you for being a gift to me.  I read every comment, every email, every moment you share with me (and have for over 10 years) and it touches me so deeply.

It’s truly a gift to know that sharing my heart, my stories, my victories, my challenges + my teachings with you week after week, help to inspire, uplift + empower you to keep going + shine your light brighter. 

To all of the amazing students in my Success Breakthrough Workshop, and awesome members of my Spotlight Club, to witness the radical life transformations and career breakthroughs actors all over the world have experienced from our work together fuels my soul + makes my heart sing

So I am celebrating it all today.  To celebrate my life, is to celebrate you, because it wouldn’t be the same without you.

I’m also taking time to slow down and connect with cherished friends + family. 


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