How To Rock Every Self Tape (NOW)

    Are you starting the week feeling empowered, uplifted, inspired, informed and ready to rock your self-tapes and auditions?

    Everyone who attended my free Live masterclasses this weekend is starting this Monday ready to rock (and I want you to feel the same).

    Did you miss me LIVE?  No worries, the replay is ready!
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    Here’s what some actors were saying in the chat:

    I know you’ll feel the same (in less time it takes to watch a movie). Click here to watch the replay.

    Today, I’m also sharing a quick video tip today to help you rock your self-tapes + stand out from the competition. (This is one on MANY insights I shared inside the Masterclass). 

    Ok, so right now, I know a lot of actors are frustrated when doing self-tapes and often tell themselves, “I’m so much better in the room.”

    I get it that you might miss the connection, the interaction and the feedback of an in-person audition, but this thought of “I’m so much better in the room” is not serving you in any way when you’re about to do a self-tape.

    In today’s quick video, I share how you can flip the script.


    When you’re about to self-tape, stop telling yourself, “I’m so much better in the room?”

    If you’ve ever booked television,  film, or even a commercial, that is all about delivering on-camera.

    So you must empower yourself.  How? Notice the thought.  Flip the script. So instead, this becomes your new mantra: “My light shines + the camera captures it.”

    Because guess what?  That’s exactly what happens when you do book the job.

    I know self-taping can be challenging right now, especially if you’re all on your own. 

    Sure, there’s a lot more to think about and focus on with all the tech, but you got this.

    You can do this. It all begins with your positive mindset.

    Declare your new mantra in the comments below

    “My light shines + the camera captures it.”

    And then go watch the entire replay of my free masterclass for more awesome tips + insights to help you thrive in the new normal.

    Here’s to your success.

    Love + Gratitude,


    P.S.  Want to feel empowered, uplifted and inspired in the next 90 minutes?

    Watch the replay of my free LIVE masterclass here.

    You’ll walk away feeling confident you can deliver amazing self-tapes (and in your ability to manage on the job challenges in the new normal), no matter what is thrown your way.


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