How To Create Lasting Transformation

How to create lasting transformation

Now that we’re half way through the year, it’s a great time to pause and perhaps rewrite the story you’ve been telling yourself lately.

Creating a new story for your life will require you to let go of an outdated narrative. (Easier said than done, right?)

When we’re going about our days on autopilot often, without even realizing it, our old narrative directs our focus.

If you are feeling not enough in any area of your life, your brain will continue to point out ways in which even your biggest achievements or accomplishments…are still not enough.

Has this been you lately?  I get it. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza states “The only way to change your beliefs + perceptions is to change your state of being. You must finally see your old, limited beliefs for what they are – records of the past – and be willing to let go of them.”
I understand how hard letting go of limiting beliefs can be for actors, which is why I created a brand new guided meditation + visualization this month called “Rewriting Your Story.” 

Spotlight Club - Rewriting Your Story

Here are the details on how you can get access to this powerful resource today:
What: Rewriting Your Story guided meditation + visualization
Since this powerful audio is inside The Spotlight Club membership, you’ll also enjoy these perks:

⭐ Monthly Mobile Wallpapers so you stay mindful + present.
Monthly Quick Mindset Reset Guides to keep you inspired.
Monthly Mindset Mantra Printables so you stay laser focused.
Monthly Live Coaching Calls to give you guidance + mentoring.
Monthly email with guidance + inspiration to keep you connected.
Special Guest Experts to give you knowledge + industry insights.
Members Only VIP Discounts to give you special insider savings.
Spotlight Focus Journal so you stay aligned with your biggest goals.
Private Facebook Community to keep you connected + accountable.
Exclusive Platform with all materials to make everything easy to find.

So cool, right?

Spotlight Phone

You can start listening to “Rewriting Your Story” today + join our amazing community of actors worldwide who have been moved to tears by this month’s audio (yes, tears are a breakthrough):

And you’ll join us for monthly LIVE live coaching calls that actors rave about EVERY month. (And get instant access to past replays!)

Spotlight Testimonial 2

Emotions are high right now, and having a sacred space (that helps you navigate your creative warrior life) is vital to your success.
The monthly guidance and powerful resources I share inside The Spotlight Club will inspire deep, meaningful and lasting changes in your life and career.
Keep your momentum going strong with tools specifically designed with the actor in mind.
You’ll enjoy all the monthly goodies, bust through blocks and move forward with world-class support + mentoring inside The Spotlight Club.
Either way, here’s to rewriting your story + making this your best year yet.

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy

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1 thought on “How To Create Lasting Transformation”

  1. Wendy
    Always a pleasure to hear from you
    Hope you and your family are well
    I’m doing a social media course with Heidi Dean who mentioned you and gave you Great Compliments

    Gratefully yours

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