The Mental Game Shift That Can Change Everything

    Today’s message is short but powerful, and one that I hope will impact you in the coming weeks, months + even years to come. 

    I love studying the inner shifts of successful people because I know that every outer success I see always began on the inside.

    I also love that Bryan Cranston shares, so truthfully, what really shifted within him to become the massively successful actor he is today.

    Check out this quick video to hear exactly what mental game shift he made, and how you too can adopt this new mindset in every audition or self-tape moving forward.

    “I wasn’t going to the audition to get anything, a job, or money, or validation…  
    I wasn’t going to compete.

    I was going to give something…
    I was there to give a performance.
    If I attached to the outcome, I was setting myself up to expect + thus to fail. 

    My job was to focus on character.  My job was to be interesting. My job was to be compelling.
    Take some chances.  Serve the text.  Enjoy the process.”
    -Bryan Cranston

    What an amazing reminder of the power of where you choose to focus + how it makes you feel, absolutely affecting everything you then choose to do. 

    So, have you been enjoying the process lately?
    Or have you been working about getting validated?  
    Or using the job to feel better about yourself?

    I hope you let that all go today.

    Get back to WHY you are doing this. You’re there to serve the story.

    As actors, we are here to illuminate humanity.
    And what a better time than right now.
    So go be a spiritual warrior, because that is what you are if you chose to be an actor.

    And know that we need you.
    And you are powerful beyond measure.

    I’m rooting for you.

    Let me know in the comments below what inspires you most about the shift he made + if you’re going to do it too.

    Love + Gratitude,



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