Post-Emmy Funk? 11 Mindset Mantras To Improve Your Mood

    If you watched the Emmys, and it left you feeling inspired + hopeful for the possibilities ahead for you, that’s awesome.

    But if you turned off the TV and went to bed wondering…

    • Will it ever happen for me?
    • What do I do to get to where I want to go?
    • How will I ever achieve my biggest acting dreams?

    Here’s what you need to know today:


    The only way to get to where you want to go is to first make peace with where you are. 

    So, if you woke up today feeling blue about your career, guess what? You simply added meaning to an event.

    You watched an awards show (an event) and made the fact that you aren’t there indicate that you have somehow failed as an actor (meaning you added).  And now you feel horrible (current outcome).

    Here’s what that math would look like on a chalk board:

    The Emmys (event)
    + You have failed as an actor (meaning)
    = You feel miserable (current outcome)

    Instead, you can take the same event, The Emmys, add no meaning, and what would you have?

    Just the event.

    The Emmys + no meaning = The Emmys.   It’s simply an event.   That’s it.

    I’m hoping this realization helps you to make peace with wherever you are today, because that really is the key to getting to where you want to go.

    So, make your intention this week to see how many events or experiences you cannot add meaning to + notice how much more peaceful you feel.

    When you can experience self-tapes, auditions, callbacks or even the job you don’t book, without adding meaning to any of it, you take all your power back.

    If you want to add some momentum to that peaceful feeling, you can practice breathing deeply in those moments and shifting your focus + how it makes you feel.

    Here are 11 mindset mantras to get you started and help improve your mood.

    • Today, I add no meaning to any of the events in my life, including The Emmys.
    • I no longer measure my success through whether I am part of an awards show.
    • I will get to where I want to go, but I first must make peace with where I am.
    • I am on my perfect path as an actor. + I embrace this wholeheartedly today.
    • When I am happy for the success of another, more success finds me.
    • I take a deep breath in, and trust in the future that I cannot see.
    • I exhale and release my need to control how it all should go.
    • I know that what I want is lining up for me, as I continue to take inspired action.
    • I am proud to be an artist.
    • My work in the world matters.
    • I am evolving into who I want to become, and kind to myself along the way.

    From this calm and centered new perspective, you’ll be amazed at the ideas, people and resources that begin to appear in your life and career.

    And you can apply this paradigm shifting math equation to The Oscars, The Tony Awards, or even when your roommate or classmate books a series and you don’t.

    Don’t add meaning to any event and watch how free and empowered you start to feel.

    Here’s to making peace with where you are, and adding no meaning to any of it along the way.

    You got this.  You are courageous.

    Leave a comment below + let me know which mantra you are going to claim today?

    Love + Gratitude,

    – Wendy


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