How To Take A Quantum Leap In Your Acting Career

    What if you could “spring forward” in your acting career this week?

    Maybe you’ve been climbing the ladder rung by rung, and even achieved a decent amount success so far.

    When this is the case, it’s human nature to want to continue down the same path and stay attached to doing things in the same way.

    But what if the success you are currently experiencing in your life or career was a mere small percentage of what you were capable of accomplishing?

    Here’s an idea worth pondering today….

    The mind is such a powerful tool + most actors use it to create a role , but rarely use it to take a quantum leap in their careers.

    So how do you do that?

    Price Pritchett explains in his book You2 (You squared, essentially) that you must….

    “Rivet your attention on the spot where you are to land at the end of your quantum leap. Visualize your arrival. When you do that it’s like you magnetize yourself to the ways and means involved in getting there. The solutions begin to appear. Answers come to you.” 

    But visualizing alone isn’t the whole answer.

    If your behaviors, attitudes and daily routines have helped create the success you are now experiencing, they are simply not going to help you take a bold quantum leap.

    How To Take A Quantum Leap In Your Acting Career
    3 questions to help you jump start your success:

    1. What is a new behavior I can implement this week to get out of my comfort zone?
      One idea: Actually do that thing you’ve been putting off because it scares you.
      P.S.  Any creative endeavor is going to bring up fear + resistance.  Begin the creative endeavor anyway!
    2. What is a new attitude that aligns me with taking a quantum leap in my career?
      One idea: Set alerts in your phone to realign your mind throughout the day.  “All limits are created in the mind.  I am unlimited. I am ready for a quantum leap”
    3. What is one thing I can do to break out of my daily routine?
      One idea: Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier + commit to a meditation/visualization practice. Now that daylight savings time is here, you might find you cherish that extra quiet time to begin your day with a quantum leap mindset.

    Still not convinced, you gotta change things up to make a big leap?

    Prichett reminds us, “Your historically most dependable behaviors can become the major obstacles to your future success.”

    Here’s Real-Life Proof:  Spotlight Member Keiko Elizabeth takes a Quantum Leap
    (booking her first FEATURE FILM credit in a JK Simmons movie!)

    When I heard that one of my Spotlight Club members (my VIP group that receives new success mindset tools from me each month) made a quantum leap in her career, by using all the tools I mention above, I had to find out exactly what she did…

    Screen shot 2016-03-13 at 9.53.34 PM “When I first listened to Wendy’s audio, “I Am Ready For A Quantum Leap,” I knew this was a limiting belief for me that I had never identified before.  I could just feel my resistance to believing that my success could look like what Wendy describes in the visualization — I honestly didn’t believe I could take a quantum leap.
    So I listened to it every day, to see if I could find any way to shift that stuck, resistant feeling.  After about a week, I could feel my beliefs start to shift. It’s funny how you can listen to the same thing many times and then one day something just pops out at you in a new way.  

    It was toward the end of the audio, and I really could imagine my credits expanding, for one booking to become ten bookings, for a guest star to become multiple recurring roles. It just clicked. 

    Several days later I was prepping to audition for a small supporting role in JK Simmons’ next film, The Bachelors. At the encouragement of my manager, I also prepped sides for a larger role, and had planned to feel out the room and ask to read for this bigger role if it felt right at the time.

    This process of preparing for the larger role helped to expand my vision of what was possible for me in this project. As a result, the audition for the smaller role became no big deal. I ended up not asking for the read, but I was so at ease and grounded in my audition that wouldn’t you know it, I booked the role! It’s my first big feature credit!

    In the last year, I have booked 6 TV credits of varying sizes, and I look forward to using this fantastic tool to help me expand my belief in what’s possible + take my next quantum leap !  Thank you, Wendy!!”

    The takeaway?  By prepping for the bigger role (employing a new behavior) + expanding what she thought was possible (visualizing doing the bigger role + listening to “I Am Ready For A Quantum Leap”), it all made her audition feel like no big deal.  And that’s the energy that books the job!

    Now it’s your turn!

    Here’s to breaking out of your routine + doing something this week that paves the way + tells the Universe, indeed, “I am ready for a quantum leap.”

    quantum-leapAnd if you want my personal guidance, grab my latest guided meditation + visualization audio “I Am Ready For A Quantum Leap.” for FREE this month only! 

    In it I guide you to believe that one commercial can quantum leap into 10-spot campaign, a co-star role can quantum leap into several guest stars, a guest star role cam quantum leap into several recurring roles and that becoming a series regular this pilot season is 100% possible and on and on.   (Hard to wrap your head around these concepts on your own sometimes.)

    You can try the audio for FREE in March only and get all the other bonus gifts that come with it.
    (A $144 value.  Yours free in March.  Details here.)

    Leave a comment below + let me know what you are going to do this week to prepare for your quantum leap!

    Love + Gratitude,


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