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Was This Year A Success or Failure? 7 Steps To The Truth

Was this year a success or a failure? I guess it depends how you define success?

Do you define success by how many jobs you booked or how much money you made?

Or do you base it on how much joy you felt and whose lives you touched?

No matter what happened or didn’t happen this year in your career, you can make the decision to call yourself (and 2012) a success. I’d say the fact that you are alive, on some sort of device, reading this article, makes it so!

Here are 7 Steps To Take To Discovering The Truth… 

1) Take the time

Actors can be very tough on themselves. So often we tend to focus on what we haven’t accomplished or who’s career is outshining ours, but when you can take the time to acknowledge how far you have come this year, not just in terms of resume credits acquired, but physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you inspire a new pathway for the road ahead.

2) Take a breath

Before you start beating yourself up for the jobs you didn’t book, or the agent you didn’t get, or the career breakthrough that didn’t quite happen, take a breath, go inward, and try to take a few minutes now to feel love for yourself and all that has happened to you in 2012. Look back on this year as the amazing learning experience it has been, and all the growth you have experienced as a result. Breathe in relaxation and exhale any judgments you are holding about yourself and what you think should have happened. Take 3 deep breaths in and on the exhale let all your negative thoughts, fears and stresses all go. Breathe until you can feel a sense of peace within you.

3) Take inventory

Try taking inventory of your year from a place of trust and faith that everything is exactly as it should be. Find some quiet time during this busy holiday season to celebrate YOU! Celebrate your determination, courage, willingness, perseverance, talents, and all the small and large victories you’ve had this year. Write them down and post them where you can see them!

4) Take a break

You’ve earned it! You’ve been running around all year, and it’s time to slow down and give the gift of relaxation to yourself. What if you decided to relax more than ever before this month? When you take time to recharge, relax and turn your attention inward, you make space for more abundance to show up in your life.

5) Take charge

As you think about what you have accomplished this year and more importantly, WHO you have become in the process, notice the people in your life who uplift you. Take charge of your holiday plans by setting the intention to surround yourself with people whose company you enjoy. You can actually say NO to any invitations from people that might leave you feeling less than wonderful.

6) Take family with a grain of salt

Ok, so maybe NOT visiting your family is not an option this holiday. But if you have some family members who don’t quite get why you’re pursuing acting in the first place or put you down in front of others, try to minimize your time with them. If that is not possible, try to take nothing personally. Remember what everyone says or does is about them, not you! Most people never follow their dreams, and are intimidated by those who do. Try to sit at the dinner table and practice coming from a place of pure love. What a fun acting exercise! This year, they might not even know what to do with you!

And remember, no one can make you feel like a failure without your consent.

7) Take away inspiration

Part of the reason I created Actor Inspiration was to give myself and other actors a place to go to get inspired in the midst of all the chaos. If you are still feeling like you didn’t succeed as much as you would have liked to this year, I’ve gathered some of my favorite quotes on FAILURE to remind us all how important failure is to our success!

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Here’s to a great December and the realization that this year was a SUCCESS!

In gratitude,

~ Wendy Braun

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