5 Steps To Knowing You’re Worth It

    My 5-year-old son loves to dance.  And I love to make playlists to inspire his love of music and funky moves.

    After listening to Fifth Harmony’s “Baby I’m Worth It” several times, (no, I haven’t shown him the video yet!) he literally said to me one day, “Mommy, if anyone at kindergarten be’s mean to me and says I am not amazing, I’m just gonna tell them, ‘Baby, I’m worth it.‘”

    This stopped me in my tracks.

    Not only was his misuse of the English language something I’ll miss one day (Yes, “be’s” will become “is”) but I love that at 5-years-old, he knows that if someone says something mean to him, it is simply not true.

    It defies law.  It defies what he knows in his soul.

    That’s because we are all born knowing
    We are valuable.
    We are worthy.
    We are deserving.

    Yes. Let’s remind ourselves again, as adults….anything that goes against that knowing is a lie you were taught.

    Isn’t it amazing what lies we pick up on during childhood + believe to be true?

    Go back and think about all the lies you were taught about yourself from well-meaning (or not) parents, teachers or friends?

    What about all the stuff you’ve taken on to be true that was said to you from an agent, a casting director or maybe an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend?

    When you begin to realize that those who made you feel undeserving, were simply projecting their own feelings of unworthiness on to you, it can be easier to make a shift.

    Here Are 5 Steps To Knowing You’re Worth It

    1) Recognize that what another said to you that made you feel unworthy, was not true.
    2) If it still feels like a belief, remember a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.
    3) Forgive the hurt child within them that probably just needed more love.
    4) Remind yourself that you are deserving, valuable and worthy because you exist.
    5) Repeat daily.

    Here’s the funny thing.  I began recording these guided meditations, not only to help actors (and myself), but to also leave a legacy of my recordings for my children to one day listen to when they need a trusted guide and a loving whisper in their ear to remind them of their greatness.

    And yet, they are the ones whispering to me.  They are the ones reminding me of what we all are born knowing.

    I get lessons from them every single week in the most subtle of ways.

    After taking too long to slowly get into our pool (the was a little colder than I like, and yes, I was taking my sweet time), my 5-year-old, who is shoulder deep in the water, shouts out, “Mommy, just believe in yourself.”

    Again, stopped me in my tracks.  I looked at him for a good long moment, smiled and said, “You’re right, buddy!” and jumped right in the water.

    We come here wired for greatness.  We arrive knowing our value, our worth, and that we are deserving of all the good that life has to offer.

    It’s time to unlearn anything that goes against this knowing. For good. For real.

    And if you need to hang around 5 + 7 year olds to do it, they are some of the best teachers you’ll find.

    Leave a comment below + let me know what lie you were taught growing up (and are now committed to unlearning).

    Here’s to a week of knowing, “Baby, you’re worth it!” (Cue music.)

    Love + Gratitude,

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