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A Simple Method For Getting Unstuck

You might not want to hear it, but complaining is a chronic habit that ultimately keeps you stuck.

Have you ever tried to go through your entire day + not make one complaint? It’s not easy, right?

You might not even be aware of how often you complain, because it’s become so habitual. For many of us, complaining has become our standard mode of operation.

We complain the audition is taking too long.
We complain about the traffic.
We complain about the line at the grocery store.

Then we get together with our friends and when they start to complain, we chime in easily + add to it, until everyone is bonding over a big-warm-complaint-bonfire. (And I can’t say I haven’t been there. I have.)

So, here’s one simple way to get unstuck.

Become mindful of how often you complain + stop yourself in your tracks.

In fact, this is my SPECIAL INVITATION to have you join me in making November a complaint free month.

How do you do it?
Here are 4 steps to making November COMPLAINT FREE.

STEP 1: Get up each morning and state: I declare TODAY as my complaint free day.

STEP 2: Put on a bracelet (or a rubber band on your wrist) + see how long you can go before making a complaint.

Every time you catch yourself complaining, switch the band. The act of catching yourself + switching the bracelet/band will create a moment of conscious awareness. (This exercise is inspired by Will Bowen’s best-selling book, A Complaint Free World)

STEP 3: Celebrate your new awareness + begin again. Don’t beat yourself up for complaining. Celebrate the fact that you caught yourself. It’s only when you acknowledge your habits that you can transform them.

This act of mindfulness will also help train your subconscious mind to perceive + appreciate more of the amazing blessings, beauty + bounty that are in your life on a daily basis.

STEP 4: Use powerful mindset tools to help you stay inspired.

Sometimes it’s easier to change a habit by having the right tools, guidance + support.


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Follow @actorinspirit on Instagram or Twitter , post a pic of you + your bracelet/band + declare proudly that this is #MyComplaintFreeDay.

When you begin to make this “complaint-free” mode of operation a habit, not only will you feel better, but you’ll begin to light up in a different way.

When you choose to have more complaint-free days, others might ask what you are doing or notice that you have changed.

Some people might even be bummed that you don’t chime in anymore as they get cozy around the complain-bonfire.

But, one things for sure: Do this every day in November, and I know that you will have altered who you are being…and that is the key to not only getting unstuck, but also to creating major breakthroughs.

Try it now + watch what happens.

Happy Complaint-Free Week!

Leave a comment below + let me know that you are in.  Declare today as #MyComplaintFreeDay here + on social media too.

Love + Gratitude,

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