Advice For Actors: 39 Tips To Inspire, Uplift + Empower You

As the year comes to a close, I hope you’ll take time to reflect not only on what you’ve done personally + professionally, but what you have learned, who you have become + how you have grown. has become a sacred space to help inspire, uplift + empower other actors, as well as share the ever-evolving journey of the artist.

I am honored + humbled to be your guide.

When you choose to focus on all you’ve learned this year + how you have grown, then you also honor all the ups + downs, twists + turns that make up your life + acting journey.

Here is a visual review of what we’ve uncovered together about ourselves this past year, and although I may be the writer, I feel a deep connection to you as I write.

In fact, my favorite moment, whether it’s through an email, a tweet, a post or a comment. is when someone tells me, “That was exactly what I needed to hear today.”

We really are all connected.

Here are 39 Actor Tips To Inspire, Uplift + Empower You

May you end the year feeling proud of who you have become, knowing that you are on the right path and that all is really well.
Love + Gratitude,
~Wendy Braun
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cb493cb0-db85-43b0-a63b-985c589d5f16 ExpandAbundanceWithin
ThinkingMakesItSo MoneyIsEnergy

YouGetWhatYouBelieve LoveYourselfFirst
CondemningWhereYouAre NewPossibilites_Graphic
MoveBeyondFear HenryFord
11TruthsILearned EgoVsSpirit copy
OurAttitude BePatiend
PowerInRelaxing TimesThatDontGoYourWay
PerceptionIsPowerful TheMindvsTheHeart
I’d love to know which graphic resonates with you the most right now.  Feel free to leave a comment below or share it with your friends to inspire, uplift + empower others.



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3 thoughts on “Advice For Actors: 39 Tips To Inspire, Uplift + Empower You”

  1. Thank you Wendy! I have really enjoyed all of your supportive messages this year. I have been acting for just over 12 months now and I am finding it an incredible experience looking back on where I came from. The message that most resonates with me today is “Every day I beat resistance by practicing imperfection and focusing on an attitude of stubborn gladness.” Thank you so much for all your inspiration and I wish you all the best for all your hopes and dreams in 2016 and beyond x

    1. Thanks Zoe! So glad my messages “speak” to you.

      Looking back on how far you’ve come is such a wonderful way to acknowledge your acting journey. There will always be more to accomplish, but I love hearing that in your first year, you are already taking time to compliment yourself. Awesome!

      And yes, “practicing imperfection focusing on an attitude of stubborn gladness” is always a choice. Good for you.

      Hope 2016 is your best year yet!

  2. They all are sheer gold and resonate with me for different reasons. Graphics help more than just words. It makes those words a lot more real. Thanks once again for inspiring all of us through the 2015 and I am eagerly looking forward to 2016 for more inspiration and growth as a person and as an actor. 🙂

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