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Do What You Can To Spread Good

If your heart aches for those affected by many of the natural disasters going on all around the world, (I know mine does), then take inspired action this week + help in whatever way you can.

Even when you think there’s not much you can do, remember to simply:
SPREAD GOOD. Every little bit helps.

Best selling author, Brene Brown, made a heartfelt video a few days ago from the center of a facility in Houston (#HurricaneHarvey) letting people know that although they are receiving tons of donations of used clothes and shoes, what they really need for evacuees is new underwear.

It’s not something you and I might think about, reading this on our mobile devices, cozied up, feeling dry and safe in our homes.

But I was so moved by her video, that I immediately jumped online to the resource Brene suggested, UndiesForEveryone and donated what I could to this local non-profit organization that she said would take immediate action in getting underwear to thousand of evacuees.

So even though they may have lost everything, they can still keep their dignity.

It was a small action on my part. But I was blown away when I read Brene’s latest post + saw these pics just yesterday.

“It’s been three days since I reached out and asked for help getting underwear to the hurricane victims.

We’re going to give you a full report next week but here’s what I want you to know right this minute:
This morning 20,000 pairs of underwear were dropped off at NRG where BakerRipley is housing thousands of evacuees.

This first picture is Amy Weiss who is the executive director of UndiesForEveryone. ”

Just so you know, her house had over four feet of water in it. Her shirt says it all: Spread Good.
They said the volunteers actually cheered when they showed up with the underwear.
There is no laundry and people are desperate to be clean and feel clean!”  – Brene Brown.
I was so moved by Brene’s update, that I wanted to share it with you for so many reasons.

1) So you see that in times when so many have lost everything, there is also a coming together of total strangers, from all over the world, pitching in to help in whatever way they can, to ultimately spread good.

2) That even when you feel helpless, one simple act of kindness to spread good has a ripple effect.

3) To remind you to know that chaos in the world, always brings with it a greater awakening.

4) And so you can see for yourself, such a raw and real example of humans rising strong.

So whether you donate your money, your time or your belongings to someone in need this week, remember you have the power to spread good.

And it matters. Maybe more than you know.

Here’s the link again if you feel inclined to give UndiesForEveryone.

Here’s to a week of spreading good + being extra grateful for all you have.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about it all below.

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy

All Is Well

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  • Christina #1

    Thank you so much for sharing this Wendy, I am going to Donate!


  • Susan #2

    Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. This is the best. Spread Good. So simple, and there’s just no reason not to.

    Speaking of spreading good, you have changed the way I start each day, and for that I am deeply grateful to YOU; Gratitude, love, and what I see myself accomplishing…feels so much better than guilt over sleeping too long and shame over where I am in my career.

    I look forward to your Monday messages, and can’t wait to make a contribution to undies for all.



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