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5 Ways To Bring Your Life Back Into Balance This Week

It’s so easy to look around the chaos in our world and our weather, and respond with fear, worry or anger.

It’s also easy to take these stressful feelings and redirect them (often unconsciously) towards your loved ones or even towards yourself.

But, the more chaos that surfaces in the world (or in your own life), the more important it becomes to find a still point in your heart.

When you clear space in your mind + your heart, and become a witness to your pain or problems, without engaging in your own suffering, you create new neural pathways to the solution.

It’s the stillness that ultimately sets you free + brings your life back into balance.

When you get still in your heart + mind, every disruption can lead you to an even bigger awakening.

So, what if instead of believing all the negative noise in your head, yourealized that when you are in conflict with yourself, you are denying the heart + resisting your deepest truth?

When you can recognize when your ego is operating out of fear and simply witness it all with love, you will align with your true self.

When you express love, you become empowered.

So how can you put this all into practice?

Here are 5 Ways To Bring Your Life Back Into Balance This Week:

1) Express more love this week to yourself, your family, your agents, your mailman.
2) Witness when your ego wants to control the outcome and simply respond with love.
3) Notice your beliefs and realize they are just thoughts you keep thinking. Once you do, you can choose to change the thought.
4) Shift your focus to what and who you are truly thankful for. Tell them. Now.
5) Meditate. (Or listen to my guided meditation “All Is Well (And Even Better Things Are Coming).” It’s free for a very limited time.($67 Value) Details here.

This audio (I created specifically for actors), will help to bring balance back into your life in under 15 minutes, as it has for so many others this month.

“Your guided meditation, “All Is Well,”  has given me a renewed sense of peace, no matter what is going on around me. I feel centered, grounded + calm. Thank you, Wendy!” – Jen H.

So, pick one (or a few) of the above ideas and see what shifts for you this week.

When you shift what’s going on within you first, you take different actions that will naturally lead to different results.

Here’s to a week of embracing it all with love.

I love hearing from you. Leave a comment below + let me know what you’re committed to doing to bring your life back into balance this week.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

All Is Well_225P.S. Do you have a way to “push the reset button” when things feel like they’re falling apart?

That’s exactly why I wrote + recorded “All Is Well (And Even Better Things Are Coming.)

Try it for free when you join my Spotlight Club for a 30 day trial. (And get a few extra bonus gifts!)

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