9 Words To Help You Turn Rejection Into Opportunity

    Those days where you do your best work and don’t book the job (or even get a callback) can be frustrating for many actors.

    When this happens over and over again, it can be debilitating.  Self-doubt sets in.  You walk into your next audition and (often unconsciously) try harder, and the rejection cycle continues.

    But it is in those challenging moments, where your ego tries to convince you that you are somehow not enough or that you need to change or fix something about your appearance, instead I invite you to dig deeper and respond to it all with love.

    Here are 9 words to help you turn rejection into opportunity.

    Take a deep breath today and know that….

    unnamedYes, all is well and even better things are coming.

    As you access this unconditionally loving space within your heart, you activate brand-new possibilities that have never before been imagined.

    Your ego will fight this new thought since it wants you to think that if things don’t go exactly as you’ve planned, that you have done something wrong.

    The fear-based ego will also try to convince you that if life isn’t going according to your exact timeline, that something is missing or you are flawed.

    But when you quiet the ego-mind, you’ll tap into the real truth: that it is all perfect.

    Take a deep breath right now, and feel that in your heart: My timing is perfect. Nothing is missing.

    I know your ego wants to figure it all out in advance. But when you let your heart lead the way, your angst and anxiety will soften.

    I hope you’ll pause today and trust that everything that is or isn’t happening right now in your career has a divine order and it’s all happening for your own evolution + growth.

    The higher mind knows this to be true.

    The higher mind is perched way above the ego-mind and is witnessing it all with love.

    Whenever you feel tension mounting or a wave of self-doubt creep in, the only thing left to do is to let go, release resistance + relax back into love.

    This is the time to step into your own light + shine it brighter than ever before, whether you are booking jobs or not.

    When you do, you’ll join the space where your higher mind resides and is looking down on your ego-self with love and adoration.

    Know that all is well + even better things are coming, every single time you step into an audition room.

    You’ll stop needing the job to prove you’re enough. And that is exactly when you’ll start booking more of them.

    Here’s to relaxing about it all + watching new opportunities begin to appear.

    I love hearing from you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re ego mind tells you when you don’t book the job + how you’re going to turn it around today.

    Love + Gratitude,


    All Is Well_225

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