What To Do When You Don’t Get The Part

I’ve been there.  I’ve auditioned for roles that have gone to someone younger, to someone older, to a more well-known actor, to an actor you’ve never heard of, to a blonde, to a brunette, to a guy, to another ethnicity, you name it, I’ve experienced it.    I’ve been released from “avails” + have seen lucrative campaigns come to an end.

Yes, an acting career is like a marathon-length rollercoaster ride.

The key is that every single time I’ve used what other actors might deem as a setback or a failure, to fuel me.

Ultimately, I’ve used each experience (after the initial shock is over!) to deepen my trust in my own future, to believe that good always finds me, to lift myself up + to keep going. (Some days are easier than others, of course.)

But when I do this, things have always surprised me in the most miraculous ways and none of it was what I would have planned.

Ultimately, you have to….


Of course the work of doing this is an inside job.  This internal work is part of your work as an actor. The ability to do this is what will get you to where you want to go.

So, now that we are 6 months into the year and you may have experienced some surprises +  some “setbacks”, dig deeper than ever before and really …. DECIDE today to TRUST in the future you cannot yet see.

And yes, this can be read in two ways:

  1. Trust in the future you (the you that you are becoming) cannot yet see.
  2. Trust in the future you cannot yet see (the experiences that are on their way to you)

When you do this, you will find, hold + give off an energy of relaxation, knowing + certainty.
The opposite ….not trusting causes you to clench, need, force + push….and try to control what is coming to you to prove to yourself that you are okay.

You are okay.  You are enough no matter what is going on in your career right now.

Know this.  Own it.  Trust it  + watch what happens next!

Allow this Morning Mindset Meditation to help you get there.

Love + Gratitude,

~ Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

Take a deep breath in + feel what it feels like to trust in the future you cannot yet see.
Exhale + let go of trying to make anything happen.
When I decide to trust that things line up for me. that good always flows my way, that the right jobs come at the right time…..
I begin to bring this sense of certainty, relaxation and fun into every room, audition and callback.
I trust and detach from the outcome.
All I need to do today is love myself.
I love everything I am, and everything I am becoming.
I am exactly where I need to be.
Nothing needs to be different.
Everything is unfolding for me at the perfect time in the perfect way.
I now feel that in my mind, body and soul.
I continue to take inspired action.
Everything always works out for me.
I choose to enjoy this time.
It will change so quickly.
I am content with where I am and eager for more.
I take the time now to line up my thoughts, feelings + beliefs each day with the future me.
My capacity to shine is endless.
I find love and gratitude for each moment, and know that each moment is exactly as it needs to be.
I no longer resist, or worry or doubt + I am free.
I now operate from a place of love, appreciation, grace +  wonder.
I have faith,  joy + acceptance of myself.
I feel as if the weight has lifted.
Everything is working out exactly as it should right now.
What I want is on its way to me  + I no longer need to figure out how.
Today, I relax, allow +  detach from needing results to define my worth.
I am worthy.
I am evolving.
I am doing so well.
I trust in the future I cannot yet see. 

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