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How To Embrace Uncertainty (And Thrive)

An actor’s life is filled with uncertainty. Auditions but no callbacks, callbacks but no bookings, or you finally land a series and…it gets cancelled.

In the uncertain world of pursuing an acting career, you must learn ways to not just survive disappointment, rejection and the down times, but know how to thrive in spite of them all.

Instead of taking any of it personally and allowing it to threaten your self-esteem (this is a daily practice), you can literally rewire your brain to create certainty in uncertain times.

And the good news is…


“Those who are certain can afford to wait without anxiety.” – Marianne Williamson

Here are 3 ways to embrace uncertainty (and thrive)

1) Feel your feelings.
You gotta face it and feel it to heal it.

The key is not to run from the feelings that uncertainty may bring, but to literally embrace them, hug them, feel them, and bawl your eyes out over them when you need to. (I’m a big fan of all four!)

Moving through your feelings will help to untie emotional parts of you that may have been in knots for years.  Pushing down your feelings will only create more emotional toxicity, stress and vices to keep them at bay, which never works.  Don’t judge it.  Just face it, feel it + release it.

2) Break your patterns.
Your daily rituals are creating your results.

So, how do you start your day? Do you get a morning mocha-frappuccino and scroll Facebook until you get depressed? (One actress I know actually removed the FB app off her phone. That’ll break your pattern!)

And since the endorphins released in exercising helps to rewire your brain in a positive way, why not put out your workout clothes the night before? Set your alarm and commit to getting up.

How do you do this?

You don’t tell yourself before going to bed, “I’m gonna try to work out tomorrow.”  You are literally giving your brain an excuse to hit snooze and wake up feeling guilty.

You instead state, “I am committed to working out tomorrow.” And then go to bed picturing your alarm going off, you getting up and feeling awesome for having done your workout.

3) Shift your focus.
The more you stare at the problem (and look up other actors’ starmeter’s on imdb.com), the more of a downward spiral you’re creating for yourself.

Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Go do something you love that has nothing to do with acting.
  2. Listen to music that makes you happy. (Even better: Make a “Happy Playlist”)
  3. Shift your focus (and your beliefs) by listening to a guided meditation.

 You can download my latest guided meditation Creating Certainty: Upgrading Your Belief System for free this month. Details Here.

In less than 15 minutes, this mp3 will guide you to not only change your state of being, but help you to envision the acting career you want and feel complete certainty about new breakthroughs unfoldingwithin the next 6 months.

And yes, you can download this audio for free, only in June. (Plus you’ll get 2 other success mindset gifts hundreds of actors have used to create breakthroughs. (A $144 total value)

So, I hope you arm yourself with some powerful tools + practices to embrace uncertainty in your #actorlife.

Whether they are the ones I give away for free here or you come up with your own, I’m wishing you a thriving summer of joy, happiness and inner peace.

Love + Gratitude,

Leave a comment below + let me know what favorite tool you use to embrace uncertainty.

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