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How To Live A Happier #Actorlife

What would you do this summer, if you truly believed your potential was limitless, that your goals will all be met at the perfect time + in ways you may not even imagine?

How might that shift your mood today?  How might that shift what you do today?  Would you relax more?  Would you go play?  Would you try something new?

What if, in the midst of any darkness, you trusted that a spark of light would appear and inspire a deep knowing within you?

What if, right now, you could go from hoping to believing to knowing that what you want is on its way to you.

How do you do this? How do you live a happier #actorlife?

You stop allowing the current conditions to dictate your mood.



I’m not saying to “throw a happy face sticker over your pain,” but realize that your power lies in your perspective and that you can choose a new one every morning.

When you remind yourself that your circumstances can change very quickly, it will be easier to let go of negative conclusions and judgments about where you are.

As you choose happiness (for no reason, except that it makes you feel good), you’ll naturally start building a sense of certainty.

When we are certain:

  • we take inspired action
  • we feel light
  • we play more
  • we relax more
  • things open up for us
  • mountains seem to move a bit easier + without a lot of effort.

When we are uncertain:

  • we hold back
  • we gather more information
  • we question our decisions
  • we wait, we’re tentative, doubtful
  • we effort our way through
  • we feel worn out and things don’t change.

So make a decision today to resolve to be happy with exactly where you are, practice the feeling of certainty that it’s all turning out just right and remember that it’s all a choice.

You might just find, in the midst of your “day at the beach” adventure, you get an audition or book a job, or both.

Either way, you’ll end up getting to where you want to go (or someplace even better) while also enjoying the ride.

Sounds like the recipe for a happier #actorlife.

Here’s to an awesome summer.

Love + Gratitude,

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  • Pamela Hill #1

    Awesome Wendy! This just happened to me yesterday…got a gig…when I was enjoying my day at LACMA! :)


  • Elda Luisi #2

    I always enjoy your posts but this is one of the wisest, most generative of them all! Thank you for starting my day/week so brilliantly!


    • Wendy #3


      You are so welcome. Love that you loved this post. (Always a good reminder). Have a great summer!
      – Wendy


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