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How To Get Out Of Your Own Way (And Into Receiving Mode)

Wanna know how you get in your own way and what’s really keeping you from what you want?

Believe it or not, it’s your own dissatisfaction that it’s not here yet.

Yep, your dissatisfaction, “in the meantime,” is your most common hindrance to getting closer to your goals.

I almost got mad when I first read this, but then felt better knowing that it’s the simplest one to release.

Feeling like our dreams are somehow eluding us or are delayed can feel deeply frustrating.

But underneath all the dissatisfaction, is an opportunity to dig deeper, to redirect your focus and to release it all so you canget into the receiving mode. (I know, easier said than done, depending on the day!)

5 Steps To Help You Get Out Of Your Own Way (And Get Into Receiving Mode)

1. Honor your feelings (getting dissatisfied can be the beginning of a breakthrough).
2. Refocus your energy to what it is you DO want.
3. Visualizing the outcome and how you’ll feel once you have it.
4. Taking bold action.
5. Be consistent.  Make visualizing AND taking action a daily practice.

If you can align your mind first, receiving inspiration and taking bold action will be easy.  But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, cranky or frustrated and you try to “get busy doing more,” your results will be lackluster and you’ll probably end up feeling even more dissatisfied.

5 If you’re feeling overwhelmed or want a quick guide to the above 5 steps…

My newest guided meditation + visualization audio Receiving Mode (Overcoming Overwhelm)  might be just what you need:

And it’s yours free in October. Details here.

Enjoy whatever path you choose that leads you to release dissatisfaction + get into the receiving mode.

By Halloween, you’ll be glad you made this a daily practice!

Love + Gratitude,
P.S. Leave a comment below + let me know what daily practice you use to get out of your own way. And feel free to share + spread the love.

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