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Why Giving Thanks In Advance Is So Powerful

The most powerful of all human emotions?  Gratitude.

We see it expressed on every single awards show pouring out of the winning actors.

Maybe you saw it just last week in the eyes of every single baseball player on the Chicago Cubs – and in the eyes of every single fan after the rain delay and the amazing 10th inning win.

It’s a pure combination of happiness, joy and love. (As a Chicago native, I’m still feeling this powerful emotional combination after the first World Series win in 108 years!)

But what if you didn’t wait until after something amazing happened to express gratitude? What if you didn’t wait until Thanksgiving?  What if you started giving thanks in advance, now?

Giving thanks in advance is like combining emotional superpowers.

  1. The first is deep appreciation.
  2. The second is feeling that what you want has already happened.

Together, they create a powerful elixir that signals the Universe to respond in your favor.

So what if, this week, you started giving thanks in advance for the life and career you’d like to create?

What if you started giving thanks in advance for the helpful people who are lining up to assist you, all the positive experiences you’d like to have, auditions that are on their way to you, bookings that will happen – even before the end of the year?

Doesn’t that feel good?

When you start giving thanks in advance, you go from hoping and wanting to appreciating and expecting.

And since, gratitude is the most transformative force in the cosmos, you might be amazed at what starts showing up for you.

Who knows, by the time Thanksgiving is here, you might have even more to be thankful for?

What are you excited to give thanks for in advance this week? Leave a comment below + let me know.

Here’s to a month of giving thanks in advance.

Love + Gratitude,
– Wendy

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  • Mara #1

    Hi Wendy, this is so powerful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for being so kind; always.



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