How To Put Belief Back In Your Heart

    Did you watch The Emmy’s last night?  Did it inspire you or make you doubt your dreams can happen?

    I think Uzo Adube’s acceptance speech said it all…
    “I thank you for putting belief back in my heart.”
    I was amazed to learn that Uzo Adube had actually decided to quit acting just before getting cast in this life-changing role on Orange Is The New Black.
    Apparently she had auditioned for the show, and heard nothing for a month.  Then after arriving late to a Blue Bloods audition she felt she had blown, she went home feeling like it was a sign that she should just find something else to do.
    That’s when she got the call that she got cast in Orange Is The New Black.
    I LOVE this story.  And of course, her total surrender in deciding to quit acting allowed the Universe to bring something to her that was better than she imagined.  
    So, if you have a bit of the post-Emmy “Where do I even begin this week to get to where I want to go?” blues….  
    If you’re wondering “how it’s gonna all work out, or IF it’s gonna all work out?”
    Just know, that is your ego trying to control the outcome.  
    The same ego that is also run by fear, doubt + disbelief.
    So, how do you put belief back in your heart?
    Well, aside from declaring you’re quitting acting today (although, maybe that total surrender is your golden ticket?!)
    How about just reconnecting with your heart this week?
    The heart that led you on this journey.  
    The heart that once believed ALL your dreams could come true.  
    The heart that wants your mind to stop trying to figure out how its all gonna come together.
    The heart that loves you exactly where you are right now.   
    The heart that loves you unconditionally – even when you’ve lost a little of your belief or your faith. 
    The heart that knows you can do anything.
    The heart that knows you will soar, even when your ego might be afraid to fly.
    Maybe for today, you can just thank it for beating. 
    For breathing. 
    For being in the game.
    For following your dreams. 
    For dusting yourself off + getting back up again.
    For following your intuition.
    Louis C.K. said it best last night when he commented on what it’s like to be a writer:
    “The hardest part about writing anything is you have to have ideas.  And every time you have an idea, you feel completely sure that that was your last one.”
    Maybe the key to putting belief back in your heart is being 100% okay with it not being there fully today.  
    When you can simply surrender to the part of you that doubts, that might not totally believe, that’s unsure — and not try to change it, but just love that side of yourself today too – then your thoughts will be on par with award-winning creative artists.  You will be 100% human.
    Here’s to a week of being guided to love yourself for where you are right now, even if it’s no where close to where you want to be. 
    Reconnecting to your heart will get you there.
    Love + Gratitude,
    – Wendy Braun


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