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How To Retrain Your Brain For Audition Success

How do you start your day when you have an audition?
Do you speak lovingly to yourself, or are you filled with worry, doubt or fear?

How you begin your day, is usually how you live your life. Since every thought you think is creating your experience, it helps to be mindful of what you are telling yourself. We are all using affirmations all day long, the question is, are you affirming the positive or the negative?

You’ll know by the way you feel.

Choose To Change It
If you don’t like how you feel, change your thoughts.

When you start to change your way of thinking, your inner voice will always react immediately with either fear or love.

But what if you used a different criteria for responding to your habitual internal dialogue?

Try this: “If it feels good, it’s true for me. If it feels bad, it’s a lie.”
What are you affirming on your audition days?

  • What is the first thing you say to yourself when you get out of bed?
  • When you look in the mirror?
  • When you leave the house?
  • When you park and get out of your car?
  • When you walk into the casting office?
  • When you walk into the audition room?
  • When you leave the audition room?
  • When you get to your car and are driving home?

New Thoughts = New Experiences
So every time you tell yourself something that doesn’t feel good, become aware of your mood, acknowledge the negative affirmation and nip it in the bud by saying:

When a negative thought pops up (which it will!)
Thank you for sharing.
You are only fear. F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real.)
You are a lie I keep telling myself.
Today I choose the truth.
(Then choose a better feeling thought!)

Mindfulness + Self-Talk on Audition Days
The more aware + mindful you are of HOW you are talking to yourself, the easier it will be to change it.

Then once you notice your ego trying to convince you that you are not _______enough (fill in your favorite negative thought here), you will know that it is a LIE!

Then, simply choose a better feeling thought. I’ve listed some of my favorites here….

Mindset Mantras For Audition Success

Getting out of bed:
Anything is possible today. 
Things are lining up for me.
I love having opportunities to play.
I am grateful for… (list 5 things)

Looking in the mirror:
I am the perfect age right now. 
I am exactly where I need to be.
I am more beautiful than ever. 
I am a shining light, happy to be alive.

Leaving the house:
Things flow smoothly for me today. 
New opportunities arise for me throughout the day. 
Parking spots open up and traffic flows.
I am safe and things unfold perfectly.

Parking my car:
I take a deep breath in, and exhale.
I picture myself returning to my car feeling proud of my work. 
I am excited to be here. I am ready to play.

Walking into the casting office:
I send good energy and kindness to those I meet.
I smile and send love. 
I am uninterested in what any other actors are doing or saying or thinking.
I am unique and excited to have the opportunity to play.

Walking into the audition room:
I have fun, I have faith, and I surrender.
I love playing in this playground and meeting all my playmates in the room.
I connect with everyone and make eye contact.
I am confident in my work.
I love what I do.
When I am detached from the outcome, I am magical.

When I leave the audition room:
I leave graciously and easily.
I am open to the unlimited possibilities the Universe has in store for me.
I am proud of my work.
I am excited for the rest of the day.

Driving home:
Things are lining up for me.
I know the best is yet to come.
I have what it takes to live a life of abundance and success.
I love my life.
I look for things to love about my life on the way home.
All is well in my world.

How does that feel? Really good, huh? Because it’s true!

Here’s to feeling good about who you REALLY are…..amazing, full of light, talented + worthy.

Now go rock your next audition.

I love hearing from you. Leave a comment below + let me know what mantra you’re using at your next audition.

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy Braun


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  • Sandy #1

    Positive thinking is great. For me everything is great until I meet everyone in the audition room. Even though I am prepared as I can possibly be and feeling good about everything and myself …I get soooo nervous. I will try this.


  • Mara #2

    Always happy to start Mondays with Wendy!


  • Julio #3

    I love all this, it’s really helpful… and true!!!
    Thank you so so much, Wendy.
    I send you a big hug from Colombia (in SouthAmerica).


  • Freddie #4

    Great Monday Mindset!
    Love that I just auditioned and then just yesterday worked on filming a trailer
    I’ll let you know when I get the audition
    Yes I had to stop the negative self talk in my head
    GOD bless you and thank you for everything


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