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3 Words That Can Change Everything…


No matter how high you climb in your acting career…there will always be someone further along.

So often actors tend to compare “up” to others who have more success which only makes them feel “less than.”

This is your ego’s way of keeping your competitive mind active.

But when you shift from the mind that compares to the mind that creates, you will shift how you feel about yourself, as well as the abundance that shows up for you.

You are a divine being having a human experience.  When you spend your time wishing you were further along, had more credits, were prettier, younger or whatever other thought your inner critic distracts you with, you actually cut off your own creativity at this moment. You deplete all of your power.

It would seem as if “the industry” is doing it, but it is actually coming from your own projection of thought from your competitive mind that believes the supply of roles + opportunities is somehow limited.

When you can literally state “I accept myself.  I accept my life + my career exactly as they are right now,” + mean it, you raise your self-worth and you begin to realize, there really is no competition.

Then you give yourself the gift of accepting this moment exactly as it is, or another way to explain….. true inner peace.

Give yourself an extra dose of self-acceptance today + know that you can get where you want to go from where you are right now….no matter what.

Love + Gratitude,

Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

 I accept myself.

 I accept my life exactly where it is right now.  

 I accept my acting  career exactly where it is right now.   

 I take a deep breath in + feel a deep sense of self- acceptance permeating each cell in my body.   

 I exhale + let go of any judgment.  

 I take a deep breath in and wrap my entire being in a warm embrace of love.  

 I fill myself up with love today as I accept who I am + where I am right now.  

All is well.

I can get to where I want to go from where I am right now.  
The more I accept myself, the more I give myself the gift of inner peace.

What would it take to bring self-acceptance with me everywhere I go this week?

Want to bring more self-acceptance to your auditions , your performances + your self-image?
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