7 Reason to Harness The Power of Feeling Good Now

Haven’t you noticed with some people, success just seems to find them…over and over?
Things align for them.  Success comes easily.

What is their secret?  Connections, training, looks?

None of the above.

If you interviewed 100 successful people in our business, the common denominating factor in their success would be their…consistent state of mind.

More often than not, they don’t get stuck in a state of struggle, but find reasons to feel good now, matter what obstacles they may be facing.  They make feeling good #1 on their To Do List.

From the outside, it may seem as if they are often “in the flow” .Which also means they don’t allow setbacks or rejection to destroy them.  They also “go with the flow” more easily not allowing fear to stop them.


By postponing your happiness, you are actually disallowing the things you want to FLOW into your life! Look for reasons to feel good now every day + watch what shifts in your life + career.

You might hear most actors say…“I will feel so good when…”

I’m on a series,
I  lose the weight.
I meet my soul mate.
I make more money.
I fall in love.
I star on Broadway.
I get an agent.
I get a better agent.
I have a family.
I get more auditions.
I book the job.

But what happens is they take the power of their present moment + fill it with frustration, self-criticism +self-judgment for where they are right now. They beat themselves up along the way + the journey rarely ends happily.  And if they do find what they want on this list above, rest assured, their happiness will be short-lived.

So what does it feel like to feel good now + be in the flow? Well, my acronym for F.L.O.W. is


It’s a feeling of joy, peace + contentment with “what is,” all while being eager, expectant and open to more.

What if you started every day feeling love overflow within you?  What might happen?  What actions might you take? What might begin to show up in your life?

A F.L.O.W. state of mind, one that is filled with love + happiness, is where your true potential + creativity are easily accessed + know no limits.

Getting into this positive state of mind of looking for reasons to feel good now is one of the most important things you can do for yourself each day to accomplish your goals + experience more success. 

When you begin your day in a positive vibrational state, you raise your level of happiness, excitement + expectations, and miracles begin to occur.  It also becomes easier to maintain other positive feeling states like joy, appreciation, gratitude, contentment, peace, optimism.

When you feel good now, you become a vibrational magnet, drawing towards you the ideas, people, resources, roles and situations to move your life + acting career forward in amazing ways.

”The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well.” ~Jack Welsch

7 Reason to Harness The Power of Feeling Good Now.

When you begin each day looking for reasons to feel good and feeling love overflow within you…

  1. You’ll begin to feel unstoppable.
  2. You’ll begin to quiet your inner critic more quickly
  3. You’ll let go of judgments + criticisms more easily
  4. You’ll cultivate a mindset to dissolve limiting thoughts before they turn into limiting beliefs.
  5. You’ll feel more motivated to take action instead of feeling stuck.
  6. You’ll begin to feel aligned with what you want instead of feeling hopeless that it may never happen.
  7. You’ll just plain feel better more often.

Things will start turning around for you all because you made this one simple inner shift.

Since like attracts like, the more often you feel good + get in the flow, the faster the manifestation process speeds up.

When you are in the FLOW state, you cultivate a deep knowing that “everything always works out for me” and you no longer feel overwhelmed or spiral downward into a sea of disappointment when things don’t go your way.

When you harness the power of feeling good NOW, being in joy NOW, feeling love for yourself NOW, before what you want shows up, those great feelings are actually an energetic match to how you will feel when you achieve your dreams.

Happiness is a daily choice.  Decide to feel good now + watch what happens.

Leave a comment below + let me know what YOU feel good about right now.

Love + Gratitude,

Wendy Braun

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