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10 Famous Actors Who Didn’t Get The Part + The Actor’s Mantra For Success

Your world is a mirror reflecting back to you your own inner state.  When you are in a state of turmoil + struggle, then you will see a tumultuous world full of struggle.  When you are in a state of inner joy, you will experience a seemingly joyful world full of possibility.

The tone of your experience is always preset by you, since what you see on the outside, is simply a reflection of your inner state of consciousness.

How does this affect your acting career?

You will spend most of your life as an actor, not getting the role.  It is how you handle + internalize NOT getting the part that will determine your success.  How will you let rejection affect your state of mind?

You can either use each audition as a chance to create a compelling character, play in the room, leave + let it go.  Or you can use each audition as a chance to beat yourself up for not being good enough, when you don’t get the part.

When you don’t book the job, it’s easy to go back + replay your audition in your mind, telling yourself…

“I should have said this line differently.  I should have worn blue.   I should have taken more time with it.  I shouldn’t have taken so much time with it.  I should have stood for that scene.  I should have sat for that scene.  I should have been different, better, prettier, younger, older, wiser, and on and on and on….”

When you play the game of “If I only did this audition in a different way than how I chose to do it”, you are telling yourself + the Universe…”I am the problem.  I need to fix something.  I am not enough.”

It’s one thing to learn from an audition experience + walk away realizing, “I could have listened more, been more present or have connected more,” but if you did your work + just didn’t get the job, instead of beating yourself up,  making it all about you + what you didn’t do or say or be…

Try this mantra….


Since our lives become a mirror of our inner state of being, I have a feeling this mantra must have been very present in the internal mindset of the following actors who didn’t get the part, but didn’t let it ruin them.  They all went on to have huge careers.

Here are 10 successful actors who did not get the role, but also, didn’t dwell on it.

Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for Twilight.
     Kristen Stewart got the part
Brad Pitt auditioned for Backdraft.
     Billy Baldwin got the part
Scarlett Johanson auditioned for Jumanji.
     Kirsten Dunst. got the part.
Marlon Brando auditioned for Rebel Without A Cause.
     James Dean got the part
Jessica Alba auditioned for Get Smart.
     Anne Hathaway got the par.
Tom Selleck auditioned for The Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
     Harrison Ford got the part.
Kurt Russell auditioned for Star Wars.
     Harrison Ford got the part
Josh Hutcherson auditioned for The Amazing Spider-Man
     Andrew Garfield got the part
Jeremy Sisto auditioned for the Titanic.
     Leonardo DiCaprio got the part.
Carey Mulligan auditioned for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
     Rooney Mara got the part.

Many of them went back for multiple callbacks.
Many of them did elaborate screen tests.
None of them got the part.

Now think about all of those movies  + what they might have been like if all those actors DID get the part. What if Tom Selleck had starred in The Raiders of the Lost Ark?  What if Jeremy Sisto had starred in Titanic?  Would they have been the same classic movies that they are today?

Not getting the role didn’t mean that those actors weren’t good.
Not getting the role didn’t mean they should have done something differently.
Not getting the role didn’t mean they needed to fix something.
Those roles just weren’t theirs to get.  That’s it.

Ultimately, ALL of it, was out of their control.  All of it, except their preparation, their acting choices, + what they made it mean or didn’t mean about their value when they didn’t get the part.

We are the ones who add the all of meaning, the interpretation, the judgment + the criticism.

I’m sure they were bummed.  I’m sure they may have even thought about what they could have done differently, but ultimately, they moved on, they kept going + everything eventually worked out for them.

So next time, you don’t get the role ,
Hers are 4 things you can do to feel better:

  1. Try seeing the bigger picture for your life + your career.
  2. Try not to beat yourself up  + make it all about you.
  3. Try to master the mantra:  “Everything always works out for me.”
  4. Keep taking action from this mindset.

And then…watch what happens.

Here’s to a successful career + a much more joyful journey.

Love + Gratitude,

Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

Everything Always Works Out For Me.

Even in times where it might seem like things are not exactly going the way I have planned, I realize there are even bigger and better experiences on their way to me.

I align myself with the feeling and the knowing that everything always works out for me, and it does.

Whether work, money or relationships have been slow to come, I know that this phase, too, shall pass.  I no longer allow my mind to worry, doubt, question or replay any thoughts that keep me out of sync with who I truly am.  

Who I am at my core is abundant, expanding and evolving.

I let go of any resistance that is keeping me stuck. I know in my heart that everything always works out for me.

I take a deep breath in, and feel a deep sense of peace within me, I exhale and let everything else go.

Everything really does always work out for me.  I recall the evidence from my past  and notice new evidence appear as soon as…today!

What would it take for me to know this week, that everything always works out for me?

What do you say to yourself when YOU don’t get the role?  Leave a comment.

Want to align with the inner knowing that everything will work out for you + enjoy a more joyful journey?
Guided Meditations/Visualizations you may enjoy are:

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