5 Steps To Creating Balance + Joy.

I had the most perfect day last Friday. 

I walked my kindergartener to school. 
Took my 3 year-old to my awesome workout: The Dailey Method. 
Showered + blew my hair dry (a rarity)
Played with my 3 year-old in our backyard + ate hunch together.
Took him to his little gym class where I now have to stay “outside the glass” to watch him.  (We used to do mommy + me, but those days pass fast!). 
Had the baby-sitter come (who would be picking up my kindergartner since my husband was on an overnight surf trip.)
Did a quick VO job from my home studio.
Drove to Raliegh Studios for a fitting for a great role I booked on Castle.
Had time to write in my trailer while waiting for a photoshoot for this character.
Got home by 9 p.m. to a quiet house, where my kids were happily sound asleep.

Although I usually love putting them to bed, since I had spent quality time this morning with them, I didn’t feel an ounce of mom guilt.

I’ve learned that I can have it all, but I just can’t do it all.  I have to allow + ask for help.

I also realized, that this was such a perfect day because:

Balance +Joy

I was able to do so many things that bring me joy, without feeling I was missing something or should be somewhere else.

Sure, booking a job helps, but it’s the balance I have come to love in my life of being home with my kids and being out in the world.  I love + value BOTH.   I’ve also been practicing finding balance + joy whether or not I have a job that day.

And since I value supporting my husband’s need for balance + joy, I encouraged him to go with his friend on an overnight surf adventure, while I managed this busy Friday.

What do you value?  If you could plan your IDEAL day, would you be on a set for 18 hours?  Or would you be doing something else you love in the morning + going to work in the afternoon?

You can have both.  But you have to know what it is you want + specifically ask for it.

So many actors say, “I just wanna work.”  But “work” can show up in so many forms….some of which you may actually not want.  Get specific.

Lately, I like to say, “I love being a series regular on a single-camera comedy, 4th on the call sheet, working 2-3 days a week on a hit show with an amazingly talented cast + family friendly people.”  That’s a much clearer statement about what I value than, “I wanna work.” (Eric Stonestreet’s job on Modern Family looks ideal to me.)

So then, when a drama booking shows up (like Castle), I know it’s just one more step in the right direction + I also notice how the Universe got the essence of what I wanted in the day I just had.  Ultimately, I want balance + joy.

I want to be all the things I came here to be –  an actress, a mother, a wife, a writer, a teacher + an uplifter.

So, now it’s your turn.  Ask yourself, What would bring me balance + joy?  What would my perfect day look like?  (I’d love to hear your comments below)

And then know, you can create balance + joy in your life now.  Here are 5 easy steps:

  1. Find the joy you seek now. (without needing to book the job to feel this way)
  2. Find the balance you seek now.
  3. Keep taking action from having this clarity.
  4. Detach from needing the result.
  5. Trust that everything is falling into place at the perfect time in the perfect way.

Here’s to an October filled with balance + joy!

Love + Gratitude,

~Wendy Braun

Morning Mindset Meditation

My life is filled with balance + joy.

When I bring balance into my life, my creativity soars.

I find what brings me  joy without needing to book a job to bring me this feeling. 

I take a deep breath in, and imagine doing what brings me joy.  

I exhale and let go of needing to push things in my acting career.

I find one thing to do today that brings me joy.  And I go do it!

As I let go of trying to “make things happen,” and focus on creating more balance in my life, I notice a shift within me.

The more balance I create in my life, the more joy I bring to my acting career.

My life is filled with balance + joy.

What would it take for me to live a life filled with balance + joy starting now?  

Thanks for sharing the love + this post!

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5 thoughts on “5 Steps To Creating Balance + Joy.”

  1. Wendy,
    I have immensely enjoyed reading your blog today, after winding down after a busy day, sipping a hot, delicious cup of tea! Your words are absolutely perfect, inspiring & truthful! It’s one of my favorite blogs you’ve written, thus so far! Thank you for sharing your inspiring discoveries!

    1. Lisette, Thank you for your kind words. I am so delighted to hear how much you liked this post. It was fun to write! Here’s to more “inspiring discoveries” for us both. And the cup of tea sounds nice too!

  2. Other than performing in something that I really want to, I don’t know what makes me happy. All I’m doing right now is looking at people’s success stories and wanting what they have, right now. I know the stories are there to help and encourage, all they do for me is make me feel bad.

    1. June, Sounds like you have some soul-searching to do to find what else makes you happy. Thinking back to what was fun to do in your childhood might help spark some ideas. Also, when we feel bad about another’s success it is usually because we are not believing in our own possibilities. Another’s success doesn’t take away from yours. There is enough for everyone, including you. Try seeing another’s success as a reminder that, “Anything is possible when you believe in yourself.” Then, dig deep to find what brings you joy. The more joy you find, the more success will find you. I wish you the best on your journey.

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