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I Relax + Let Go.

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Morning Mindset Meditation

I relax and let go.

The more I relax and let go, the more easily things come to me.

When I relax and let go of holding on to how I think things should go for me, I allow in all possibilities to unfold.

I take a deep breath in and feel a sense of peace within me.

I exhale and let go of trying to control the outcome.

The more I relax and let go, the better I feel. The better I feel, the more events, circumstances and people show up in unexpected wonderful ways.

I don’t have to figure it all out today. I don’t have to push to succeed.

This week, I just relax and allow the Universe to assist me in amazing ways.

What would it take for me to relax and let go this week more than ever before?

Want to have tools to help you relax + let go no matter what the stakes?
Guided Meditations/Visualizations that you may enjoy are:

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