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The One Word That Can Massively Change Your Results In 2020

Before I share the one word that can massively change your results in 2020, I have to say, I’ve been so blown away by the HUGE shifts hundreds of actors are making after watching my Free Video Series

“I watched all 3 videos, did the work + IN ONE WEEK, I got 3 new agent meetings, 5 auditions, including one for the lead in a Broadway musical, an unexpected residual check in the mail, re-edited my reel + recorded my VO demo (which I had been procrastinating on for over 2 years!). Wow!  Seeing you get emotional is so inspiring because it really shows how what you are teaching other actors has changed your life. It’s changed mine too.” – Julie C.

“Wendy, your words are a tremendous reminder to me of what I believe to be true, but sometimes forget.  I am so inspired by how you teach. Thank you!” – Joe W.

“Your free videos are giving me goosebumps.  Thank you for the inspiration, different perspective + generosity of spirit.  It has been empowering + liberating.” – Sue C.

It’s only up for a limited time, so begin your breakthrough year here and join actors who have been letting go of guilt, blame, shame + feeling the weight lift off their shoulders as they begin 2020.

Since the videos were so popular, I decided to keep the virtual party going with a VLOG today!

That’s right, in the video below, I’m revealing how changing ONE WORD can massively change your results in 2020.

But first, a very special invitation for you..

In this game-changing free training I’ll walk you through 5 simple steps to radically transform your acting career AND your personal happiness in 2020!

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Actors in LA, NYC, Vancouver, Toronto and Atlanta have been calling the live version of this free masterclass

“…amazingly informative, empowering + transformative!”
Now you can access it ONLINE!.  Reserve My Spot Here

Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll learn:

  • 3 reasons why most actors stay stuck (and how to not be one of them)
  • The 4 key questions to ask yourself to begin a major transformation…now
  • One simple shift to release what’s blocking you (and how you reclaim your power instantly)
  • The 5 proven steps to creating your own success breakthrough. (no matter where you are in your career)

And I’ll be giving away some amazing FREE bonuses for those who show up live!

Ok, on to the VLOG.  Click the video below + find out how changing one word can massively change your results in 2020.

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You’ll love this quick tip + when you turn it into a daily ritual, you will massively change your results over time.

So, watch the video now + leave comment below.  I can’t wait to hear how you’re going to make this change today.

What are you going to commit to this week?  Let me know!

Love + Gratitude

– Wendy

P.S.  I only do this Free ONLINE Masterclass once per year…so don’t miss it!  Use it as a way to jump start your breakthrough year.  I know you’ll be glad you did.
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  • Shon Wilson #1

    Love the new format! Congratulations, Wendy!


  • Freddie #2

    I commit to paying close attention to your Master Class on Thursday!
    I commit to being early for anything I need to do(I promised my wife this year I will!)
    I commit to letting go of things that shouldn’t bother me
    I commit to thinking before reacting!


  • jeanine anderson #4

    thank you Wendy! I love the word commit. Inspiring! I commit to your Masterclass. I commit to feeling happy and fulfilled weather I have any auditions or not. I commit to clearing things out of my apartment that I don’t need, I commit to being creative and I commit to taking actions to make the world a better place.


    • Wendy #5

      Such an empowering word, right?T Love your list. Let the new chapter begin!
      See you in the masterclass!


  • Pamela Hill #6

    Great Wendy! Thank you! Look forward to your Masterclass this week! Happy 2017! Blessings, Pamela :)


  • Nancy #8

    I commit to your Master Class on Thursday night.
    I commit to writing our what I am grateful for every day instead of just thinking it.
    I commit to meditating every day, even if for 2 minutes!
    I commit to drinking more water.
    I commit to doing something creative every day, like reading a short poem or working on a monologue.
    I commit to being kinder to myself.


    • Wendy #9

      Love it Nancy! What an awesome list. The last one is EVERYTHING! 😉
      Can’t wait to see you in the webinar.
      – Wendy


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