How To End The Year Strong + Create Success In The New Year

Do you know the 2 most important words that shape your life?  They are the words “I Am.”
Whatever you say that comes after those two words shapes your day, your month + your life.

I’m sharing share some of my favorite “I Am” mantras to help you end the year strong and serve as a loving reminder that you are so much more than your career and your latest credits.

You play many roles in your life + they are all meaningful and valuable.  “Actor” is only one of those roles, just as “what you’ve done” in your career this year is only one facet of the multi-faceted diamond that is you.

Here is a loving reminder to help you end the year knowing that not only are you enough exactly as you are right now, but that you are a precious gift.

Download + print “I Am A Gift” here + then say it OUT LOUD…

Treat yourself this way as the year comes to a close + you will start the New Year off in the right direction.

Pause and read this anytime you feel your inner critic try to define you, judge you or criticize you…


And if you’ve been judging yourself even more this time of year, or just need some help embodying these declarations, I hope you’ll pause right now + follow along with me…


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How did that feel?  Do this help you realize how hard you’ve been on yourself?  Was it easy to declare “I am enough?”  Did any specific mantra get you choked up?  Let me know in the comments below which mantra spoke to you the most.

Then print this here + tape it to your bathroom mirror or screenshot it as wallpaper for your phone.

Taking a mindful moment to release your judgment and let love rule will help you end the year strong and create success in the New Year.

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Thank you for being a gift to me.  As the words pour from my heart + soul every week, I am so grateful to know that they resonate with you.

Happy Holidays!

Love + Gratitude,

~ Wendy

P.S.  Do these 2 things to end the year strong + set yourself up for success in the New Year!
1. Print your “I Am A Gift” year end mantras here.  Screenshot + share the love + tag me at @actorinspirit on Instagram.
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12 thoughts on “How To End The Year Strong + Create Success In The New Year”

  1. This was perfect timing. I’m sure to many, but this spoke to me because today I was talking about being okay with myself taking up space and taking my confidence back. So thank you for the confirmation that I am on the right track this morning.

    If we are not able to make your live, in person, VIP MasterClass, is there another opportunity to be involved?

  2. Thank you for your constant encouragement, support, and inspiring words. Your emails really mean so much to me, and help me to appreciate not only the good aspects of this industry but help me to find the gratitude for the more difficult ones as well. The reminder that “I am a gift” is so vital to staying strong and moving forward. So, thank you again.

    I hope you and your beautiful family have an amazing holiday Wendy!!

    1. Alyssa! You are so welcome. I’m so glad my words support resonate so deeply with you help you know that yes, you are a gift. May the New Year be your best yet, lovely lady!

  3. And YOU are a gift, Wendy. Your “Actorinspiration” is such a wonderful calling. Thank you for all that you share and for the unique way in which you share it. May your soul supporting work be as rewarding for you as it is to the lives you touch.
    Happy holidays to you and yours, too.

    Judith Maxie

    1. Thank you Judith! It has been, indeed, a “calling” for me it brings me great joy to know that it has been a gift to you. Happy Holidays!

  4. Thank you Wendy – this came right on time for me as the end of year frenzy sucks me into a whirl of trying to do everything and feeling like I am not doing any of it well enough. To stop and replenish myself with your words has reminded me to attend to the important not the urgent and not to judge myself too harshly on how this year has gone. I feel so much better for gaining that clarity and peace. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holidays xxx

    1. So happy to hear this Joanna! So glad that these insights (and all you know to be true) helped you find clarity peace. Happy Holidays!

      1. Hi, I am really interested in joining the webinar series and I have been trying to look for the registration form for the first one. I was wondering if I could be directed to the right si?Thformte/ank you so much!

    1. You are so welcome, Joe.
      I know that those who see you on stage, on screen or any day in between would certainly agree.

      Happy Holidays!

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