The #LettingGoLIst: What Every Actor Needs To Do To Achieve A Big Goal

Did you watch the Golden Globes?  Jim Carrey’s presenter speech made me laugh, smile + nod my head, yes.

To sum it up, after being introduced as “Two-Time Golden Globe Winner Jim Carrey,” he amusingly continued to poke fun at defining himself by his achievements.

In his words:
“Yes, I’m two-time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey. 
You know, when I go sleep at night, I’m not just a guy going to sleep.  
I’m “Two-Time Golden Globe winner Jim Carrey” going to get some well-needed shut eye.  (audience laughs)
And when I dream, I don’t just dream any old dream.
I dream about being “Three-Time Golden Globe winning actor, Jim Carrey.” 

Because then I would be enough.
It would finally be true…and I could stop this terrible…search
for what I know ultimately won’t fulfill me.

…But these are important, these awards…
from our perspective this (Golden Globes) is huge.”
– Jim Carrey

It was really an amazing reminder of how the ego will always fight to define ourselves by our achievements + that after you win 2 Golden Globes, you’re most likely gonna want to win another one.
Today’s post is intended to serve as a loving reminder that no matter what your big goal is, letting go of needing to prove that you are enough will serve you well in all areas of your life.

In fact, as you make lists of “things you need to do” to accomplish your big goals this year, keep this in mind….


When you set a big goal, you embark on a journey of self-discovery.  You will learn not only who you need to become, but what you need to let go of along the way.

To begin, write down the answers to these 2 questions:

  1. Who do I need to become to achieve my big goal? 
    (List the skills, traits, attributes and qualities do you need to acquire.)
  2. What do I need to let go of to achieve my big goal?
    (List the habits, beliefs, ways of thinking or people do you need to let go of.)

Who you need to become will vary from goal to goal, but the #LettingGoList is often the same.

Here is a “Top 10 List” to help you get started.

The #LettingGoList: What Every Actor Needs To Do To Achieve A Big Goal:

This is the year to let go of….

  1. Running from what scares you.  
    (Since everything you want is outside your comfort zone, it’s time to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.  Decide to do one thing that scares you this week.)
  2. Casting another actor in your role in the waiting room.  
    (You may think some other actor is perfect for a role you are going in on, but chances are, you are wrong.  If you’re gonna cast someone, cast yourself.)
  3. Trying to figure out “what they are looking for.”
    (Most of the time they don’t know until they see it.  Many times, it was the opposite of what they thought they wanted.  None of it is your concern.)
  4. Worrying about what others will think.  
    (Don’t allow your fear of looking foolish or trying something new stop you from taking big risks.)
  5. Scrolling through social media to fill the void. 
    (When you have a free moment, notice the world around you.  It will help you become a much better actor than reading about “who booked what” on Facebook.)
  6. Putting experiences that bring you joy on the bottom of your to-do-list.
    (When you move “What brings me joy” to the top of your list – everything else falls into place more easily.  Go ahead and try it this week.)
  7. Feeling like you’re not enough.
    (You are. Period.)
  8. Proving yourself.
    (On the heels of #7, when you know you are enough, you’ll let go of trying to prove to yourself + everyone else that you are.)
  9. Hanging around toxic people.
    (If you feel emotionally drained + unsupported every time you hang out with someone, it’s okay to see them or talk to them less + eventually move on completely.)
  10. Searching for happiness outside yourself – through booking the job.
    (It may feel like, “If I just book the job, I’ll be happy,” but it actually works the other way around.  Find ways to feel good now.)

When you make a commitment to letting go, not only of “needing” your big goal to happen, but needing any of it to define your greatness, you’ll begin to feel lighter, more worthy and more in touch with your true self.

When you bring that self into the audition room, you will light up in ways you never have before.

Here’s to manifesting your big goal + mastering the power of letting go.

What’s on your #LettingGoList?  Leave a comment below + let us know.
(You may just inspire another actor along the way.)

Love + Gratitude,


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1 thought on “The #LettingGoLIst: What Every Actor Needs To Do To Achieve A Big Goal”

  1. Hi Wendy – Thanks for this post…it all rings true. Jim Carrey was our fav part of the night. He’s very insightful, isn’t he?!

    What I need to let go of is my fear of failure, which keeps me judging myself way too much. My goal this year is to give up my focus on results so I can enjoy the process (and my life) every day.

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. Just a reminder, I’m already on your eList.

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