5 Ways To Ease Anxiety + Improve Well-Being (During A Global Pandemic)

The global Coronavirus pandemic has ignited fear + uncertainty in the world, and I’m sure it is directly affecting your life right at this very moment in some way.

I’ve gone through my own stages of anxiety + fear in the past week, but after doing a few key things, I can feel my well-being improve + wanted to share my tips with you.

I’ve come to realize that in each moment throughout my day, I have a choice.

I get to choose peace or panic.  And so do you.

So take a deep breath in + exhale + affirm this with me….In this moment, I choose peace.

Ultimately, I’ve always looked for the light in the midst of darkness, and the opportunity for growth in the midst of obstacles.

This mindset is how I’ve always gotten through tough times.

And now, the entire planet is facing a crisis + ultimately being asked to take a giant pause.

What an opportunity this is for us all to find the light and expand our consciousness.

In my eyes, this is an opportunity for all of us to reconnect, recalibrate + reset.

It’s an opportunity for us to reconnect with what matters most.
It’s an opportunity for us to recalibrate our energy to one of love.
It’s an opportunity for us to pause + choose peace over panic.
It’s an opportunity for us to take a breath.
It’s an opportunity for us to get still.
It’s an opportunity for us to sit with ourselves, quietly.
It’s an opportunity for us to go inward.
It’s an opportunity for us to really be present in our homes, with without running off to the next thing.

What is happening here, on a global scale, is an opportunity for a world-wide reset.

So, I’m sharing what has helped me this past week, in hopes that it helps you too.

Here are 5 ways to improve your well-being (during a global pandemic).

1) Feel your feelings.

Try to simply be a witness to how you are feeling throughout the day.

Become a witness to whatever it is you are going through + simply answer the call by giving yourself more compassionacceptance, love and then more love.

How?  By being gentle with yourself + compassionate with whatever feelings are stirred up during these times of uncertainty.

Become aware that you are having a feeling, but you are not your feelings.
Become aware that you are having a thought, but you are not your thoughts.

The key is to get out of the frenzy of the looping worries, and instead step back + witness it all without judgment, and then ask, “What do I need most right now?”

Then get still + listen for the answer.

Maybe you need to call a friend, take a nap, check in on a neighbor, punch a pillow, organize your kitchen cabinet, or take some more Vitamin C.

2) Practice mindfulness + meditation.

What if all of this is inviting you to not only socially distance yourself, but mentally distance yourself from the collective anxiety?

What if all of this is inviting you to have trust + faith, that no matter how dark things get, you are going to lean to the light.

I’ve been waking up each morning + using this mantra: In this moment, I choose peace.

Allow these 6 words to be your reminder to pause + take a breath, as you affirm this for yourself.

When you do so, you’ll notice, that you are in control of your choice of thought, your focus, and how it makes you feel.

This mantra also allows others to have their reactions + for you to have yours.

This way you don’t have to micro-manage anyone else’s emotional state for you to feel at peace.

Simply breath deeply + repeat this mantra: In this moment, I choose peace.

To make it a daily practice, enjoy this free guided meditation: Easing Anxiety + Improving Well-Being

3) Monitor your news consumption.  

The news feeds off of fear and often ignites panic.  You can be informed, without checking the news all day long.

Seek out the stories of hope + light + love.  There are plenty + there will be more.

Follow me on Twitter or Instagram for daily doses of love + light in your feed.

Maybe you’ve seen people who were on lockdown in Italy in their apartments all started going to their balconies + began singing.  And one resident said, he had lived there for 1 1/2 years, and this was the most vibrant he had seen the neighborhood.

This thread below shows people doing the same in Naples, Turin, Benevento, Siena, Florence, Nuoro and Agirgento. Follow it here.

And notice how it’s through the creative arts that people are connecting!

4) Create a peaceful environment.

No better time to clear the clutter in your home then when you’re in a forced hibernation.

My kids are now home for 2 weeks, and I already have plans of how we’re going to go through the garage + their rooms together + create multiple bags for charity.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see my recent post was about creating peace over panic.  Children do this naturally unless they are taught to worry + fear.

My son came home from school last week, we lit some candles, put on some music, he got in his pj’s at 5pm and put our giant bean bag on the couch + I just thought, wow, talk about creating extra comfort? This was just intuitive for him.

And it reminded me that the vibe in my home can be peaceful, even when people out in the world are panicking.

So do some spring cleaning.  Light some candles.  Play some music.

A peaceful environment will effect your mental health, well-being and even boost your immune system.

5) Connect with community.  

Whether it’s creating a text stream with your neighbors, or skyping like-minded friends, be sure to connect with actual people, especially in the midst of social distancing.

Isolation (and too much news consumption) may increase your anxiety, so find ways to put support systems in place now.

If you don’t already know, I host + mentor a community of like-minded actors from all over the world inside my Spotlight Club.  Each month I provide a new guided meditation and other mindset tools specifically for actors, as well as daily support and monthly online livestreams.

If you’d like to join us (and get all of the gifts I create to help actors improve their well-being), click here for details.

And if you’re wondering what it’s like to connect live inside my Spotlight Club + Community…here are some comments from my latest livestream:

No matter how you improve your well-being this week, know that I am sending you lots of love + light.

Let me know in the comments below, which tip you’re going to focus on implementing today.

Here’s hoping that through it all, you will find ways to choose peace over panic.

Love + Gratitude,

– Wendy

P.S.  Don’t leave without downloading this free guided meditation gift to help you ease anxiety + improve well being (during a global pandemic) or any time. Click here to download the audio.


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5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Ease Anxiety + Improve Well-Being (During A Global Pandemic)”

  1. I’m so excited to have found your site! The first time I listened to the guided meditation I felt better than I had in weeks. Looking forward to practicing more meditation and mindfulness in the weeks to come. Thank you for the inspiration!!

    1. To hear “I felt better than I had in weeks” in the midst of a global pandemic, is truly music to my ears. So glad the audio helped you so much! You are so welcome.

  2. I enjoy your thoughts, but I REALLY wish you could learn to spell the word ‘and’. means ‘plus’. ‘AND’ means ‘and’. It interrupts the flow of what you are trying to say. I love you, but that really bugs me.

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