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5 Ways To Invite In More Abundance

Ready to invite in more abundance this month?  Often, when wanting to acquire more abundance + prosperity, a sense of lack or need can arise.

The late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer stated…


The key is to raise our abundance consciousness or awareness.  Since our inner world always creates our outer world, if we want to change our experience of abundance, we must change our perspective.

Wayne Dyer also stated: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This ultimately means we don’t have to try and figure out how to manifest more abundance to invite it into our lives, but we must learn to see + appreciate the abundance that is already here.

As we honor the abundance that already lives deep within us, more abundance begins to flow our way + manifest in our outer world.

Everything is energy.  Money is energy.  Thoughts are energy.  Words are energy.  We are all made up of energy.

The world is simply responding, energetically, to how we are thinking, feeling + believing.

Here are 5 Ways to Invite In More Abundance:

1) Improve your communication with the benevolent, unlimited + abundant Universe.

Whether it’s a flower pushing through the crack in the sidewalk, or the smell of spring in the air, nature is giving you clues on how abundance flows. Tune in and give thanks.

2) Become aware of past programming or limited thinking + let it go.

Realize that whatever negative ideas you heard about money growing up was simply someone’s belief handed down to you.  You no longer have to take it on as your own.

3) Shift your perspective – daily.

Use the power of your mind to focus on the abundance you already have (if you are reading this on any device, you are abundant!)

4) Give thanks in advance.

If you want to invite something into your life, hold the vision, feel excited about it + simply state, “I give thanks for the blessings already on their way to me.”

5) Take action from an inspired place.

Abundant thoughts lead to abundant feelings lead to abundant actions lead to abundant results. Without action, nothing changes. Use the first 4 steps to align your mind, then get excited about doing something.

The key is to make all the above a daily practice.

My 3 favorite tools I (and lots of other actors) use daily for inviting in abundance?

  • My newest guided meditation + visualization Inviting In More Abundance” where I walk you through the above 5 steps and help you tune in to your natural state of abundance, easily + effortlessly, taking all the guesswork out of meditation + visualization.
  • My daily focus journal – a manifesting tool I’ve used daily for years.  A place where I set my intention for the day, give thanks for the abundance already in my life + tap into the part of me that is already living the goals I want to achieve.
  • My Mindset Mantras – I’ve created a printable graphic of daily declarations to help you focus on feeling abundant so you can invite more of it in.  You can print + post it wherever you need a mindset reset.

Wanna try all 3 of these powerful abundance tools for free?  They’re a $144 value, but you can download all three for free in April only.

I know they will help expand your ability to receive in amazing ways.

Click here to grab these gifts of abundance for FREE! (A $144 Value)

No matter what tools you choose to use daily, here’s to a month of inviting in more abundance in every area of your life.

I’d love to hear your comments.  Feel free to post them below.

Love + Gratitude,

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Inviting In More AbundanceLet go of scarcity thinking + connect with the vision of you living an abundant life.
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After listen to this audio once, a New York-based TV, Film + Theatre actress wrote to me and said,
“This audio came at the exact moment I needed; I’ve long held so many old, fear-based tapes about money, having come from a very humble household where money was VERY tight. Refocusing on gratitude for past, present, and future truly is the ticket to unlocking an abundant life.  A very heavy burden has been lifted.  My heart is full. Thanks Wendy!”   – Holly Stanford

Feel free to leave a comment below.  I always love hearing from you.

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