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Finding Solutions In Challenging Times

I’m keeping it short + sweet today, since I know your inbox (and your brain) might be overwhelmed with incoming messages, offerings and more “should do’s.”

Today’s tip will help you tune into the solutions you are seeking.

I know this has been a stressful time for everyone, and that you may be facing a lot of challenges right now.

But I also want to remind you that within every challenge, arises an even bigger solution.
(And your solution is not to get “busy doing more,” which just creates more angst + exhaustion)

The solutions you are looking for are not in your angst, they’re in your alignment.

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 12.28.20 AM
So, throughout your day today, instead of worrying about what other actors are doing right now, and adding more to your plate, give yourself permission to pause.

This may feel counterintuitive at first, but remember:
When your energy comes from a place of lack, fear + self-doubt, it will never result in success.

So while being “busy doing more” might feel productive, doing less will actually serve you (and your well-being and immune system) in a better way.

While your mind may be stuck in looping worries, your heart is aligning with all kinds of solutions.

Tune into your heart today, do more of what is calling you right now (even if it’s tending to a garden or cleaning out your closet – yes, it’s okay to not do something actor-related right now), and you will find the solutions you are seeking.

Let me know in the comments below what your heart is calling you to do right now.

1 (4)And if you need help aligning with solutions, you’ll love my brand new guided meditation “Thriving Through Uncertainty.

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No matter how you get there, here’s to thriving through uncertainty this week + tuning into the solutions.

Love + Gratitude,



  • Pamela Hill #1

    Thanks Wendy! Along with working on our web series…I’ve been staying creative using Feng-Shui in our home and painting Rocks with inspiring messages — #thekindnessrocksproject. I appreciate you sharing. Take care, Pamela


  • JJ #2

    Thank you for your voice. It’s in complete opposite to virtually every other acting “teacher” or guru in my realm. The message I have been bombarded with is to take this time to be ready, work on your craft, continue to train, don’t be lazy etc etc. It’s just adding a ton of pressure and guilt onto my overwhelmed shoulders. I feel like i have only enough motivation each day to exercise and that’s it. I don’t have the desire or energy to work on my acting career right now. And I feel like that makes me NOT an actor, NOT an artist and certainly, a failure. It’s nice to be presented with another option.


    • Wendy #3

      You are so welcome JJ! And, guess what? You ARE an actor, you ARE an aritst, AND you are also living through a global pandemic. So, I’d say, you’re also a spiritual warrior! Let go of all that guilt, and remind yourself you don’t have to get “busy doing more.” Sending you lots of well-wishes + peace.


  • Frankie Dietz #4

    Yes, finding “alignment” is something very personal and INSIDE SELF – in this present “coronavirus” reality, I feel a new overwhelming consciousness that everybody-is-in-the-same-boat as myself. The guilts of having to give of myself or present myself in a certain way to please others, have simply evaporated. But that is just the beginning of a not-so-easy journey of allowing Self to fully BE here-and-now.

    Hope you are doing well Wendy, and that you and yours are staying safe, healthy, and surviving OK in this struggling economic time …


    • Wendy #5

      How nice is that, Frankie? To have those feelings evaporate, is such a gift. May you “be here now” no matter what + know that you are enough. Love it!


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