3 Steps For Feeling Good + Getting Stuff Done (Even Homeschooling)

    A quick shout out to all the beautiful mothers out there – Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day!  

    I am giving you a virtual hug to you today for all you are, all you give and all you do.  (And you’ll love today’s video, because I’m sharing my 3 step system I use at home to help homeschool my kids without all the meltdowns (for myself and them).

    And if you’re not a mom, you’ll find that today’s video will help you to set your day up in a way that makes you feel good and gives you the motivation to get stuff done.

    If you have lost your mom, I know that Mother’s Day (and any day) can be tough.  I lost my mom 10 years ago, so I get it.  I know that your mother’s light shines through you and I do believe that when you think of her, it’s because she thought of you first.

    If you’re an actor who is thinking “can I really have a career and a family?” I’m here to tell you 100%…YES.  It requires an awesome partner, a calendar, flexibility and a sense of humor (for starters), but it is possible.

    I do remember being pregnant with my first son, though not showing yet, and after a day of multiple auditions, I came home, cried on the floor + said to my husband, “How on earth am I going to do this when I have a baby?”

    Like everything uncertain (pandemics, acting careers, motherhood) you will figure it out as you go.

    It doesn’t mean you’re not scared, but you face your fears through it all + discover who you really are along the way.
    IMG_0597You let go of perfection, and go for progress instead. (Try this
    today with your “to-do” list).

    You notice how far you have come, instead of how far you have yet to go.

    You celebrate all the wins along the way, instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

    You take time to smell the flowers.
    (Did you do this on a walk this morning?)

    My kids are 8 ½ and 11 now, and to say I am changed for the better in every way by being a mother is a grand understatement.

    Watch today’s video + learn my easy 3-step method for feeling good + getting stuff done.

    Let me know in the comments below which tip you are going to implement today. 

    I can’t wait to hear what spoke to you most and if you have any great tips for me!

    Here’s to an awesome week ahead,

    Love + Gratitude,

    – Wendy 

    P.S. Actors have been raving about joining me live each month in our private community.  Want to join us + get monthly mindset gifts from me?  Details here.


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